Will You Be My Valentine?

Will you be the luckiest charm of my existence; a wish of supreme fulfillment that only led to humanitarian goodness; philanthropy and selflessness- as I nimbly tread by the grace of the Creator Divine?

Will you be the vivaciously dancing butterfly of love in my garden; illuminating every dreary nerve of mine- with the charm of your poignantly exuberant flight?

Will you be the scent of immortal companionship that drifted close to my nostrils; so that I forever floated in a paradise of goodness; unfettered and bonded in a mist of friendship sublime?

Will you be the rainbow of unflinching camaraderie that I sighted in tufts of blue; that ignited my spirit of symbiotic survival on divine earth; to the very fullest?

Will you be the droplet of tantalizing rain that cascaded down my roof; triggering a perennial yearning in my heart to be kissed in a domain; beyond the definitions of clockwork time?

Will you be the uninhibited stream that sparkled down the virgin slopes; embracing every element of my impoverished existence; with a wand of bountiful endowment?

Will you be those invisible tendrils of excitement that caressed my spine; awakening me from a stupor of inane practicality; towards the effulgently whistling winds of existence?

Will you be the fairy that casts a gorge of happiness wherever you went; a perpetual mist of bliss that I embraced; as I continued my truncated odyssey on soil?

Will you be that line of destiny on my palms that solely leads to truth; a flame that keeps the true passion of my life ignited with unparalleled caring?

Will you be the song that I cherished to sing the most in this Universe; a melody whose tunes drifted from the innermost arenas of my innocuous soul?

Will you be that undaunted living form by my side; in my times of ebullience and inexplicable misfortune alike; even as abuses were intransigently hurled from the planet outside?

Will you be the tinkling laughter that engulfed my ears with new-found hope; everytime I felt the ship of my scraggily penurious existence sink to the rock bottom of hopelessness?

Will you be the nightingale that unabashedly perched upon my shoulder; drowning me into ecstatic spasms of all the sweetness- that ever formed my imperfectly humane atmosphere?

Will you be every Lilly that blossomed on the path not dared taken; but the very path I chose to celebrate every moment of my synergistically intrepid existence?

Will you be the everlasting source of my child-like bewilderment; as the magic of your spontaneity continued to enthuse the informally bohemian footsteps of my life?

Will you be the ultimate seductress that drifted me away from the worst of crisis; far away from the world of greed; manipulation and satanic barbarism—like a prince near your amiably compassionate bosom?

Will you be the reason that I found new-found optimism to survive; not only reaching the zenith myself—but reaching out the balm of unhindered love and humanity to every single of my fellow beings?

Will you be the voice that I could easily differentiate from amongst every other on the planet; as it was my own heart’s cry to forever unite with my soul-mate in this life and every life hence-forth- destined?

I guess its time to propose to you now—and that’s exactly what I am doing from deep within my heart O! Beloved- will you be my Valentine


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