Wings Of Love

I wanted to fly high in the blue sky on the wings of love;
Traversing through balls of white cotton clouds; listening to the mellifluous chirping of birds,
Having a silent peep at the blazing Sun; admiring its enchanting and radiant shine,
Bathing in the unrelenting rain pelting down; trying to catch the tiny droplets in my palms,
Watching atrocious airplanes whizzing past me at electric speeds; invading the serenity of the atmosphere,
Confronting chilly draughts of breeze as I proceeded; occasional flakes of snow caressing my hair,
The horizon appearing just at arms lengths from my body; as if the Sun was ready to gobble me for supper,
Earthly inhabitation infinite kilometers away from my sight; with a panoramic view of the towering mountains,
The innocuous white of my skin transiting to scarlet red; as gusty winds rushed across in fury,
A fleet of twinkling stars staring down at me in pin drop silence; preparing to shimmer in the night,
Thunderous black clouds obliterating me completely from visions of earth,
The only food being; a blend of white and colored air inundating my mouth,
The need for water not arising; in the bitter cold and freezing sheets of wind,
With me somersaulting several times on my back; viewing the sky in ecstasy walking upside down,
A feeling of reverence; feeling the divine Creator in whispering distances of my silhouette,
There was no pollution; adulteration; not even the faintest trace of civilization as I flew,
The open conglomerate of sky and space besieging me in a vice like grip,
Simply not a soul to disturb me throughout the long day; the tenacious light of the moon engulfing me in darkness,
I remembered my close affiliates; siblings; and most importantly the spell binding cadence of her voice,
As I flew still higher in the sky; on the wings of perpetual love.


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