Without My Beloved

Every wall of this house stabbed me like a million scorpions; venomously crippling each fountain of my exquisitely bountiful thought,

Every stair of this house made me stagger like a boundless matchsticks; uncouthly pulverizing me at every step; for ostensibly no fault of mine,

Every nail of this house pierced me brutally like the corridors of hell; unrelentingly permeating deeper and deeper into my satiny flesh; playing a sadistically gory game with my disastrously wailing nerves,

Every space of this house devilishly stared at me for times immemorial; savagely lambasting every cranny of my drearily wasting persona; with remorsefully satanic

Every picture of this house thrashed me unsparingly like a salaciously ghoulish ghost; vindictively scaring even the most infinitesimal wisps of daylight; from every bone
of my shivering countenance,

Every web of this house gruesomely diseased me; lethally incarcerating even the most blissful of my energies; in a corpse of forlorn oblivion and nothingness,

Every window of this house abhorrently spewed shards of vengeful glass into my eyes; profusely staining even the most inconspicuous element of my persona; with unfathomable oceans of savage blood,

Every mirror of this house reflected a billion witches to me; ghastily inundating my impeccable soul with the; traumatically tyrannized cry of the insidious devil,

Every dust particle of this house lecherously tainted my visage forever; ominously drowning each speck of benign goodness embedded in my conscience; in the
sea of coldblooded murder,

Every droplet of water in this house demonically blinded my eyes; metamorphosed me into a pool of sardonically fulminating acid; the very instant that I consumed even a fraction of it,

Every dungeon of this house barbarically imprisoned me for countless more births to unveil; murderously slashing my wrists and fingers; of their magnificently spell binding artistry,

Every tap of this house barked a volley of incoherently mortifying abuse at my righteous flesh; incessantly drifting me towards the world of bawdy raunchiness; a prison of preposterously empty skeletons and parasitic mice,

Every brick of this house horrendously squelched my innocent toes; viciously raining like a thunderbolt of endless anguish upon my senses; on every step that I trespassed ahead,

Every watch of this house vengefully threatened me with its deafening sound; as its series of tick-tocks devilishly augmented by the unfurling minute; to acridly blast even the most sensitively immaculate arenas of my eardrums,

Every curtain of this house perniciously asphyxiated me in the heart of the precariously ungainly midnight; choking even the remotest traces of humility from my
demeanor; to eventually sleep with the naked crabs,

Every echo of this house indiscriminately stripped me of all my robust flesh; feasting on my gorily barren skeleton; with its teeth of dolorously debilitating doom,

Every rail of this house perennially whipped me on my silken backside; tormenting even the most holistic ingredients in my blood; to ultimately surrender to the commands of the lecherously gleaming devil,

Every thread of this house slit my throat into a countless strands of mangled flesh and bone; even before I could utter my last prayer; whisper the slightest of passionate sound,

Every currency coin in this house slit me apart into an infinite pieces of worthless shit; making it hard for the commoner to discern; between my grotesque carcass and the meat of the stinking pigs,

And believe me; this was the same house in which I had lived all my life like a priceless prince innocuously blending my soul with God and the panoramic winds of
Mother nature; while today the same haunted me worse than my veritable corpse; as it lay empty without my beloved.


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