Without The Slightest Of Fear

When I sat under fulminating beams of the Sun; I felt an insatiable urge in my body to leap in untamed exhilaration and dance,

When I sat in front of the scintillating mirror; I felt like candidly analyzing even the most minuscule part of my persona,

When I sat beside the enchantingly serene riverside; I felt like nostalgically reminiscing the innocuous flurry of moments which had wholesomely enveloped my

When I sat by the profusely foliated tree; I felt like bouncing up and down like the vivacious squirrels; wistfully awaiting for the succulent fruits to harmoniously pour down; on my famished belly,

When I sat under the conglomerate of voluptuously exotic clouds; I felt like wandering with the heavenly fairies; fantasizing my mind to the most unprecedented

When I sat eye to eye with the hideously ominous snake; I felt the adrenaline building inevitably in my bowels; a horrendously ghastly sensation encapsulating the whole of my body to puke out my morning breakfast,

When I sat on the stern of the grandiloquent ship; I felt younger than a wailing child; with the exuberant waves of the ocean; impregnating Herculean loads of rejuvenating energy in my dreary bones,

When I sat on a blanket of chilly snow; I felt numbing arrows of death stabbing me from all sides; the scarlet blood running robustly through my veins; freezing into rosy ice-cream,

When I sat on the panthers back; I felt for a moment to be the king of the jungle; although I had my heart in my bootlaces after a while had elapsed; and the beast snarled ferociously to its hearts content,

When I sat abreast a hive of swarming bees; I fantastically felt the cocoons of golden honey sandwiched handsomely in the pockets; however was soon transported several feet beneath my coffin; as the Queen maiden kissed me nimbly on my nose,

When I sat near the dolorously morbid grave; I felt tears of inexplicable agony well up my eyes; an uncanny wave of fear slowly engulf my blissful soul,

When I sat on a battalion of menacing crocodiles; I felt overwhelmingly excruciating pangs of pain; as the monsters ripped me apart till the last bone down my spine,

When I sat on the century old vacant throne; I felt like a majestically embellished royal prince; having been given the supreme reigns in my hands; to rule the township once again,

When I sat amidst an army of pot-bellied tortoise; I felt whirlpools of laziness circumvent my demeanor; an inexorably urge in my body to sleep in contentment
till times immemorial,

When I sat on the splendidly striped dolphins; I felt like swirling in full fervor of boisterous life; rolling my visage in tumultuous frenzy with the splashing water,

When I sat on an island coated with disdainfully slimy oil; I felt like slipping indefatigably towards treacherous nothingness; with my grip on planet earth
slackening miserably as each second unveiled,

When I sat on the summit of the astronomically towering mountain; I felt the entire world was a box of insipid matchsticks; drank air into my lungs like a man inhaling his last breath,

When I sat at whisker lengths from my beloved; I felt infernos of invincible passion entrench my countenance; an irrefutable longing in my lips to caress her rubicund cheeks,

When I sat in front of the Creator’s idol; I felt blessed in every single respect of existing life; emerged victorious from behind my vicious cloudburst of gloom; to spread the true essence of happiness,

While it was only when I sat close to my mother; that I felt I was the strongest man on this earth; divulging to her whatever circulated in the inner most compartments of my heart; and it was here that my world came to an abrupt end; and it was here that I
discovered my true identity; and it was here that I slept immortally without
the slightest of fear.


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