A garden of voluptuously endless scent; sprouting into a bountiful maze of tantalizing color and vibrancy; every unleashing minute of the panoramic day,

A fortress of unflinchingly impregnable solidarity; tirelessly inspiring one and all of her compassionately gregarious kin,

A fountain of resplendent graciousness; disseminating the fragrance of everlasting empathy; on every impoverished step that she majestically tread,

A cloudburst of insatiably untamed yearning; as she triggered fireballs of unsurpassably untamed desire; even in the heart of the sordidly treacherous and
remorseful night,

A waterfall of astoundingly scintillating radiance; as she unveiled an unfathomable veil of regale artistry in every ingredient of the vivaciously bustling atmosphere,

A wave of perennially heartfelt emotions; ardently exploring the fathomless chapters of existence; as the Omnipotent sun bloomed full throttle in the whites of her immaculately pristine eyes,

An apostle of humanitarian bonding; embracing all spell binding goodness of this gigantic Universe; wonderfully in her compassionately amiable bosom,

A forest of eternally proliferating sensuousness; profusely oozing into unsurpassable rivulets of ingratiating enchantment; as voluptuous darkness took an invincible grip on disdainfully inclement light,

A perpetually perfect dream for any artist; as he assimilated even the most infinitesimal iota of her celestially sparkling beauty; in the fathomless embodiment of his timeless canvas,

An everlastingly Optimistic light; that maneuvers you towards a paradise of divine rhapsody and unending exuberance; when you felt your nerves being brutally
annihilated by swords of bizarre manipulation,

A melodiously evergreen song; that rejuvenates every despicably dying speck of your frazzled visage; marvelously drifting you towards a sky of vividly fascinating newness,

An insurmountably poignant gorge of vibrant titillation; blissfully enrapturing even the most drearily alien; into a cocoon of mesmerizing smiles,

A harbinger of ubiquitously immortal peace; divinely soothing every invidiously adulterated web of discordant hoarseness; with the stupendously
supernatural melody in her voice,

A selfless mirror of beautifully scintillating reality; uninhibitedly unleashing the corridors of her impeccable soul; to all philanthropically blending on the trajectory
of this gargantuan earth,

An indefatigable saga of tumultuous passion and turmoil; wholeheartedly weathering every stage of inexplicably enigmatic existence; in harmoniously triumphant synergy with the; Almighty Divine,

A rainbow of Omnisciently perpetuating shine; inundating even the most preposterously indigent of lives; with gloriously unblemished rivers of ecstatic

A wind of fabulously reinvigorating freshness; unbelievably replenishing even the most capriciously infidel of your beleaguered senses; with the essence of Omnipresent mankind,

An unparalleled inferno of magnetically alluring breath; immortally throbbing to insatiably assimilate all love that lay boundlessly scattered; on this incomprehensibly vast planet,

And although she existed in unfathomable roles in today’s society; at times a sacrosanct Mother; at times a mischievous sister; at times an enchanting seductress; at times a compassionate wife; at times an affable aunt; at times an eternal grandmother;
There was one solemnization that was unassailably common for each of her form; as she would for infinite birth’s remain God’s most pricelessly beautiful creation; she would forever be crowned as a resplendent WOMAN.


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