Writing Poetry

Writing poetry is like the newborn draughts of ecstatic wind; kissing the innocuous cluster of green leaves; with the most uninhibited ardor and camaraderie of all times,

Writing poetry is like the soul wholesomely cleansing itself of even the most inadvertently committed of its sins; as it blended with the beats of magical verse; which transcended over every religion; caste; creed; color and tribe,

Writing poetry is like a bird exuberantly flapping its wings; having just being released from years of insidious captivity; and now ready to commence upon its most royal flight,

Writing poetry is like the queenly droplet of glistening sweat; which tantalized the skin to the nth degree of sensuousness; as it enchantingly traversed towards the most hidden corner of the big toe; and then embraced death,

Writing poetry is like a kingly magnet attracting the most inanimate objects; and then befriending them forever in a swirl of invincible togetherness; under the broadest daylight and sinister blackness of the morbid night,

Writing poetry is like a vivacious rainbow enlightening even the most drearily lambasted portions of adulterated living kind; with new found rays of courage; compassion and everlasting hope,

Writing poetry is like pristine white lightening enrapturing the entire Universe; reducing every trace of sin to infinitesimal ash; and rekindling every soul towards the path of freshly untainted optimism,

Writing poetry is like an untamed whirlpool reaching its enthralling crescendo; and devouring everything and anything that came in its vicinity; into the flames of its unabashed desire,

Writing poetry is like the ebullient scent of virgin mud after showers of unfettered rain; which evoked life of all shapes; sizes and color on the Universe; to sing and dance in the timeless rhythm of a united existence,

Writing poetry is like a cathartic revolution for something to happen from the wisps of absolute nothingness; so that every ingredient of the besmirched human atmosphere; started to reverberate with the pulsations of companionship,

Writing poetry is like the wail of freshly born life; when the cradle of undefeated innocence bonded one and all alike; in a never before celebration of infallible newness,

Writing poetry is like the crackling voice of thunder heard at a distance; tingling the corridors of the mind with mystery unprecedented; as cloudbursts of rain fervently advance in their odyssey towards simmering ground,

Writing poetry is like freshly formed globules of golden dew being dispersed into a boundless more bits of their kind; with every footstep that voluptuously caresses the blades of sensitive grass,

Writing poetry is like dazzling rays of dawn splitting into zillion rays of blessed light; illuminating every conceivable cranny of earth; with the joyously rejoicing power to survive; till destined,

Writing poetry is like a promise made and irrefutably adhered to till the end of life; upon the foundations of solidarity; truth; friendship and most importantly the religion of humanity,

Writing poetry is like a nightingale humming the sweetest songs of its life; every day a different tune; but with an unhindered intensity which kept proliferating leaps and bounds; till the time it existed,

Writing poetry is like an undefeated zealous wave; which rose yet again; victoriously undulating and high towards blue sky; even after being reduced to nothingness- clashing against the merciless grey rocks,

Writing poetry is like uninhibitedly dancing upon every chance that life offered; expending every ounce of trapped frustration in the nerve wrecked body; to blend in impregnable oneness with the fathomless atmosphere,

Writing poetry is like falling deeper and deeper into the valley of Immortal love; a love which made you feel alive without a grain of food in your body; as it became your sole reason; elixir; direction and adventure to survive.


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