Yellow Beams Of Sunlight

When yellow beams of Sunlight passed through blood stained glass,
the rays transited to crimson red; with prominent tinges of pallid empathy.

when yellow beams of Sunlight permeated through a dense forage of leaves,
the rays converted to mesmerizing shadows; obfuscated from harsh light.

when yellow beams of Sunlight penetrated through pellucid pools of mountain water,
the rays transformed to a honey golden; converging like a quiver of arrows
on clusters of fish.

when yellow beams of Sunlight filtered through daintily polished finger nails,
the rays acquired color of pink avenues of tender skin.

when yellow beams of Sunlight sneaked through morbid interiors bathing in pitch darkness,
the rays illuminated the ghostly ambience with stringent rays of antiseptic light.

when yellow beams of Sunlight softly caressed frozen tunnels of white ice,
the rays lambasted the tyranny of savage winter; prompting the snow to melt.

when yellow beams of Sunlight fell on the clammy surface of stale tea,
the rays prompted its pallid persona to boisterously heat and sizzle.

when yellow beams of Sunlight pilfered through hollow crevices of teeth,
the rays fumigated obnoxious centers of rotten breath inhabiting in abundance.

when yellow beams of Sunlight plunged on the satiny mattress of scalp hair,
the rays reinvigorated intricate parts of brain machinery with holistic warmth.

and when yellow beams of light pierced through my heart; body; and soul,
the rays had overwhelming tasks of perpetually bonding me with my beloved,
amalgamating me and her for centuries galore; with the essence of our love
radiating its blissful fragrance.


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