You Can’t Strangulate Yourself And Still Lead Life

You can’t compress your fingers and still prolifically write,

You can’t clench your teeth and still gregariously smile,

You can’t sleep tight on the bed and still boisterously run,

You can’t stand in freezing snowflakes and still sweat like a horse,

You can’t stitch your lips and still loquaciously speak,

You can’t stuff cotton in your ears and still hear the pin dropping on pure silk,

You can’t squeeze your eyes and still witness the mesmerizing sparrow shrugging rain drops from its body,

You can’t tie your hands and still swim against turbulent waves of the choppy ocean,

You can’t slit your stomach with a knife; and still devour ravishing chunks of tangy butter,

You can’t paint the mirror and still sight your pellucid reflection,

You can’t stand on Mount Everest and still view the world as it is,

You can’t consume titillating champagne and still decipher mind boggling sums of arithmetic,

You can’t wear cowdung coated shoes and still smell like a supremely redolent rose,

You can’t walk upside down and still shake hands amicably with your girlfriend,

You can’t walk on red-hot embers of coal and still want your feet to develop extra soles,

You can’t have shattered teeth ands till snap through the obdurate shell of coconut in one snap,

You can’t have a snow white beard extruding from your cheeks and still proclaim that you were a teenager,

You can’t yawn with your Jaws wide open and still remain dry eyed,

You can’t be an insane lunatic and still be able to scrupulously recite each stanza from the Shakespeare,

You can’t adorn a diamond ring on your finger and still audaciously declare that you weren’t engaged,

You can’t get as pink as a radish and still say that you didn’t blush the slightest,

You can’t protrude out your tongue in anger and still convey to the world that you were a revered saint,

You can’t have dark circles under your lids and still perceive yourself to be an innocuous kid,

You can’t keep lying on the seashore and still feel in the midst of tingling adventure,

You can’t whip the slave left, right, center and still believe that you had blessed him,

You can’t act like a crazy clown and still envisage yourself to be the greatest actor,

You can’t stammer and still speak with articulate proficiency on the mike,

You can’t drive slow and still win the whirlwind speed motor car race,

You can’t be bare eyed and still stare unrelentingly into the blazing fireball of Sun,

You can’t shout deafeningly and still blow a melodious whistle,

You can’t be afraid of a mosquito and still pledge to leap into the unfathomably
deep valley head on,

You can’t eat Cadbury chocolates and still expect smoke to diffuse ecstatically from your nostrils,

You can’t drape your feet in spiked footwear and still topple on the ground like nine pins,

You can’t apply mud on your hair and still experience the silken follicles shine,

You can’t keep looking at the changing sun and still tell the exact minute of the day,

You can’t have a badly fractured hand and still expect to challenge the mightiest wrestler,

You can’t have red ants inside your trousers and still sit unperturbed throughout the business meeting,

You can’t have savage blood coated on your hands and still divulge to the world that they were as sacrosanct as God,

You can’t be incarcerated behind bars of the prison and still play hide-n-seek with your children in the park,

You can’t wear a flimsy night suit and still stand without shivering on the frozen lake,

You can’t have infinite blemishes of chicken pox and still compare yourself with the shimmering pearl,

You can’t be a mundane businessman and still have a passionate penchant for
poetic rhyme,

You can’t be an imbecile beggar and still think of sleeping all night on the
golden couch,

You can’t sit in front of the man eater leopard and still recite tranquil rhymes from the holy scriptures,

You can’t stick your tongue out and still say that you’re well mannered and extremely cultured,

You can’t be a ghastly skeleton suspended from the ceiling and still conquer the entire battle field in war,

You can’t wink flirtatiously at a girl and still adroitly tell her that she was your sister,

You can’t be rustic fisherman and still know the most intricate of computer virus,

You can’t spell death wrongly and still have an ambition to die,

You can’t simply hold the knife in your hands and still profusely bleed,

You can’t open your mouth a trifle lazily and still expect thunderous tunes to blast through the frigid atmosphere,

You can’t wear a necklace of glistening diamonds and still feel venomous snakes brutally strangulating your neck,

You can’t be a slime coated frog and still conceive yourself to as the
astonishingly beautiful crown princess,

You can’t eat foul sewage floating in the gutter and still expect pearls to pop out each time you opened your mouth,

You can’t tear plain paper into infinite parts and still flood its surface with
unending lines of literature,

You can’t have lecherous fires blazing in your eyes and still have empathy for the deprived,

You can’t worry baselessly and still make people around you wholeheartedly laugh,
You can’t maliciously envy your counterparts and still reach the top,

You can’t drive a truck blindfolded and still be able to reach the other end of the
road safely,

You can’t be sitting in one corner of the dark room and still imagine yourself to be a complete man,

You can’t develop nerve-wrecking stress and still have blissful peace,

You can’t apply effeminate lipstick on your lips and still claim to be Tarzan inhabiting the wild,

You can’t drench yourself wholesomely in the rain and still catch blazing fires the very next instant,

You can’t draw incongruous lines with your feet and still visualize yourself as the greatest artist,

You can’t brag like a donkey and still whisper to the society that you were
unselfishly polite,

You can’t keep surging down into deep waters and still view the pinnacle of the tower spiraling high towards the Sun,

You can’t roll amidst heaps of glittering gold and still cry hysterically that you were poor,

You can’t walk in stark darkness and still sight your shadow following you at close quarters,

You can’t have black lizards slithering all over your body and still remain as stoical as frozen ice,

You can’t lick hard dirt and still find your tongue as clear as the transparent mirror,

You can’t run like a whirlwind volcano and still feel your heart completely dormant in your chest,

You can’t sway flirtatiously sighting every girl and still convince your wife that she was the only entity you revered,

You can’t be oblivious to the first alphabet of English language and still imbibe every word of the colossal dictionary,

You can’t live imprisoned behind the dingy brick wall and still inhale gallons of blissful air,

You can’t keep looking at your watch every minute and still announce confidently that you weren’t a trifle anxious,

You can’t emulate every action happening beside you and still cognize yourself to be entirely independent,

You can’t sit languidly in the air-craft to smoothly glide up the hill and still bellow at the top of your lungs that you clambered up all the treacherous slope standing on your toes,

You can’t deluge your mouth completely with water and still want jewels to tumble out each time you spoke,

You can’t have thorns adhered to all parts of your body and still feel yourself heavily soaked in spongy jelly,

You can’t be a satanic barbarian chopping raw flesh and still imagine yourself to have created new life,

You can’t bathe in a river of sweet honey and still want the bees to shirk away the instant they sighted you,

You can’t lie breathless in the stone clad coffin and still come out bouncing
radiantly alive,

You can’t have a reserved heart wandering materialistically and still fall madly in love,
And You cant strangulate your emotions; grope uncertainly in a land of cowardice and still lead life


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