You Die; I Die

You sleep; I sleep; as we replenished our dreary bodies with astoundingly rejuvenating sleep; harmoniously together,

You eat; I eat; as we consumed ravishing food to magnificently appease the tumultuous pangs of hunger in our famished stomachs; symbiotically together,

You paint; I paint; as we sketched the marvelous glory of this mesmerizing planet on the canvas of our impeccable souls; perpetually together,

You dance; I dance; as we gyrated our persona uninhibitedly under the resplendently milky moonlight; ecstatically swaying to the beats of the seductive night; eternally together,

You smile; I smile; as we rhapsodically rejoiced each moment bequeathed upon us by the Almighty Lord; romantically together,

You adventure; I adventure; as we embarked on the most enthusiastically daunting expeditions of our life; embellishing ourselves with all tranquil treasures of
Mother Nature; amicably together,

You shout; I shout; as we sporadically lost our impeccable equilibrium to the fallacies of the human mind; fought on trivial little things only to find ourselves deeper in love; boisterously together,

You cry; I cry; as we commiserated with each other’s agonies; tenaciously confronted each sorrow with our palms intermingled in a fortress of solidarity; understandingly together,

You lose; I lose; as we momentarily camouflaged our heads in the cistern of shame; after valiantly endeavoring our best to conquer our goals; synergistically together,

You win; I win; as we saluted the deity of Omnipresent Lord in fathomless sky; kissed the soil on ground for being our intransigent inspiration; patriotically

You flirt; I flirt; as we surreptitiously philandered in the meadows of insatiably untamed desire for times immemorial; mischievously winking as the Sun set
behind the horizons; ebulliently together,

You gallop; I gallop; as we gushed forward to embrace the winds of intrepid intrigue; mystically unwind ourselves to discover an entrenchment of perpetually
flowering beauty; euphorically together,
You sing; I sing; as we melodiously unfurled the chords of our throat to pacify all bereaved humanity and kin; philanthropically together,

You fantasize; I fantasize; as we dreamt of infinite vibrantly optimistic tomorrows and blissfully fragrant civilizations; benevolently together,

You bleed; I bleed; as we trespassed on the inevitable thorns of inexplicably inscrutable life; unflinchingly together,

You speak; I speak; as we emanated the most impregnably glittering voice of humanity alongwith our patriotic comrades; perennially together,

You fret; I fret; as we painstakingly crawled through all those lugubriously empty and nonchalant moments of existence; unassailably together,

You hear; I hear; as we unfurled the closed wall of our ears to discern every sound in the spellbindingly titillating atmosphere; congenially together,

You falter; I falter; as we ludicrously stumbled every now and then upon obdurately cold ground; majestically portraying that we were none other than just humans;
gorgeously together,

You sweat; I sweat; as we unrelentingly persevered under the austerely golden rays of the midday Sun; harvesting the fruits of our timeless endurance; gregariously together,

You freeze; I freeze; as we uncontrollably shivered under the truculently tyrannical fury of brutal maelstroms and snow; fervently waiting for the squall to subside; compassionately together,

You joke; I joke; as we triggered unequivocal streams of laughter in all those bereft of a mission and insurmountably gloomy in priceless life; bountifully together,

You breathe; I breathe; as we inhaled and exhaled unfathomable carpets of air; pledged in front of the Almighty Creator to exist for an infinite more lifetimes to yet unveil; invincibly together,

You love; I love; as we passionately explored every nimbly nubile arena of our countenance’s; radiated the unconquerable essence of timelessly existing as a
single spirit; celestially together,

And most importantly; You die; I die; as we relinquished our breaths at the very first command from the divine; Omnisciently reminiscing all those sparkling memories when we had lived beautifully entwined with one another; immortally together.


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