You Just Fall In Love

There was no age stringently defined to fall in its heavenly swirl; embrace its cistern of majestic enchantment for centuries unprecedented,

There was no time irrevocably defined to experience its exuberant timelessness; catapult to the ultimate summit of its gloriously enthralling victory,

There was no color intransigently defined to entice its stupendous aroma; possess its magically augmenting wave of sensuousness; for as long as earth was destined to exist,

There was no moment intractably defined to savor its glorious titillation; exotically be the most integral element of its ravishingly tantalizing stride,

There was no mantra incorrigibly defined to incarcerate its compassionate caress; preserve its incredulously immaculate touch close to your soul; for infinite more births yet to unveil,

There was no religion conventionally defined to bond with its ubiquitous essence; relentlessly bathe in its marvelously voluptuous pool of ebullient belonging,

There was no trail irrefutably defined to chase its magnificently silken charm; be its ecumenically gorgeous cascade of spell binding prosperity,

There was no entrenchment precisely defined to conquer its spirit of everlasting seduction; wholeheartedly embrace its kaleidoscope of boundlessly ingratiating

There was no price inexorably defined to purchase its romantic incantation; be incessantly spell bound by its spell of redolently dancing vivaciousness,

There was no boundary austerely defined to achieve its scintillatingly handsome peak; bask in the unbelievably majestic scent of its optimistically healing breath,

There was no voice inclemently defined to impress its impeccably frolicking embodiment; unassailably imprison its holistically sacrosanct beauty; in the
center of your impoverished chest,

There was no direction monotonously defined to follow its mystically unconquerable splendor; be the most ultimate slave of its celestially resplendent shadow,

There was no dimension dogmatically defined to measure its fathomless ardor; beautifully enshroud every element of your penuriously dwindling existence; with
its royal beads of profuse togetherness,

There was no power concisely defined to snatch its Omnipotent crown; be the sole jewel of its profound fervor to regally lead life; to bounce exuberantly in placating paradise,

There was no portrait irretrievably defined to highlight its exquisite treasury of amiable symbiosis; poignantly divulge its astronomically endless goodness; to the entire Universe traumatically crippled outside,

There was no blood meticulously defined to belong to its Godly countenance; melange with its stream of ubiquitously glistening humanity; for unsurpassable
more decades yet to come,

There was no breath punitively defined to inhale its panoramically eclectic contours; exclusively relish its astoundingly princely tale of unending exhilaration,

There was no heart specifically defined to posses its marvelously Omnipresent beats; be the only one to eternally dance to its tunes of melodiously blessing mankind,

And there was no preparation specifically defined to execute its lovely rhythm; as you just inadvertently stumble into its immortal light of goodness; you just unknowingly accept it at some stage of life as the greatest elixir for survival; YOU JUST FALL IN LOVE.


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