You Lived In My Heart

You lived in my intricate eyes when I saw the world; taught me to
discerningly distinguish between the good and evil,

You lived in my ears when I listened to sound; made me stringently
aware of the most minuscule of voice in proximity,

You lived in my feet when I traversed the parched earth; making sure
that my toes remained reinvigorated at all times,

You lived in my fingers when I wrote literature; making me chisel sheer
magic out of nondescript words,

You lived in my stomach when I swallowed food; assisting me to
scrupulously digest the same,

You lived in my nails when I scratched the wall; imparting me with the
tenacity to peel off the pallid paint,

You lived in my tongue when I spoke; blessing me with the tact of
producing a melodious noise,

You lived in my nostrils when I breathed air; seeing to it that the
purest part of it entered the jacket of my lungs,

You lived in my veins when they pumped crimson blood; ensuring that it
flowed rambunctiously all throughout the day,

You lived in my throat when I gulped cool water; facilitating it to
smoothly cascade down my neck,

You lived in my luscious lips when I smiled; making it appear
profoundly incarcerating in front of the audience,

You lived in my slender bones as I grew; impregnating them with tones
of calcium; making me audaciously confront the most bizarre of situation,

You lived in my armory of teeth when I masticated my meals; making sure
that I crushed each obdurate morsel into silken chowder,

You lived in my mind when I tried to contemplate; providing me with the
most adept solution to my baffling enigma,

You lived in my scalp every time I felt like caressing it; incorporating the
follicles of my hair with resplendent shine,

You lived in the wildest of my fantasies; the most weirdest of my
dreams; making it wholesomely sure that they didn’t cause me any harm,

You lived in the lines embossed on the back of my palm; chalking my
destiny to be as bright as possible,

You lived in my sweat as it dribbled down my cheeks; inundating it with
a perennial shine,

You lived in my scent as the day unveiled itself into shivering night;
embedding my persona with an everlasting essence,

And most importantly you lived in my heart invincibly imprisoned; as it
had absolutely no vacancy for any other entity to exist.


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