You Were My Creator

Even if you crippled me for life; horrendously maiming both my arms and feet,

Even if you made me blind; snatching inevitable centers of vision from my body,

Even if you kicked me at every corner of life; making me taste the dirt on the dusty streets,

Even if you stripped my flesh off; whipping me incessantly with the brutal strokes of destiny,

Even if you made me dismally stutter; not enabling me to express myself the slightest,

Even if you snatched my dreams; inundating all my nights with ghastly perceptions of the devil,

Even if you made me walk on sizzling embers of fire; scorching the soles of my
foot to unprecedented limits,

Even if you chopped my body into infinite pieces; fed each of them to the satanically wandering vultures,

Even if you stole the smiles from my face; engulfing me in the appalling corridors of gloom for the entire of my life,

Even if you left a battalion of ferocious lions; thundering their way towards me; to pulverize me to mincemeat,

Even if you inflicted upon me the most incurable of deadly disease; killing me every second with tumultuous pain,

Even if you failed me miserably; making me dither abysmally in every sphere of life,

Even if you compelled me to beg on the streets; starve and shiver in agonizing cold of the winter night,

Even if you made people around me spit their saliva on my face; thrash me on my cheek to unleash their personal frustration,

Even if you showered only me with acrimonious acid; while you pelted upon others droplets of mesmerizing rain,
Even if you made me pathetically stumble at every step I took; always kept me sulking at the bottom of the mountain; while infact my mates had conquered it several number of times,

Even if you made me slither helplessly on the ground; unable and extremely weak to utter even the most tiniest of sound,

And even if you flooded my mind with negative thoughts; trying your level best to make me hate you; let me tell you that although you might have succeeded on all the previous occasions; but this time you would miserably fail; for I will always love you; and each beat of my heart; each word that I spoke; each breath that I inhaled; would immortally say; that you were the person i adored the most; you were my Creator.


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