You Were My Heart Beat

I was the jewel of your mystical eyes; the infinite clusters of eyelashes drooping down from your lids,
While you were my ability to see; my omnipotent power of sight.

I was the glow that encapsulated your lips; the luscious color that made them poignantly scarlet,
While you were tinkling laughter; the smile that besieged the contours of my face till eternity.

I was the unprecedented number of cells that lingered in your brain; the network of membranes that made it function blissfully,
While you were my virtue to prudently discriminate; the immortal strength of my memory.

I was your rubicund tongue; the gallons of free saliva circulating ecstatically in your palette,
While you were my mesmerizing voice; my invincible prowess of eloquent speech.

I was your intricate veins; the dainty flesh that entrenched them in entirety,
While you were the golden droplets of sweat that oozed from my arms; the
crimson blood traversing ferociously through my body.

I was your ears; the globules of impeccable flesh dangling nimbly across your
While you were my ability to decipher the most ethereal of sound; my tenacity to hear and tolerate ignominious rebukes of the society.

I was your stomach; the conglomerate of intestines incoherently entwined inside,
While you were the sumptuous food residing there; putting me contentedly into
a tranquil slumber.

I was your dainty feet; the spongy toes protruding symmetrically from within deep recesses of your supple skin,
While you were my energy to surge forward; my unrelenting fervor to bounce ahead in life.

I was your hands; the delectable armory of fingers which harmoniously moved to
accomplish scores of Herculean tasks,
While you were the lines embedded in the center of my palm; the path which portrayed and executed my destiny.

And I have no inhibitions revealing that I was your heart; the air which you inhaled; the breath that escaped with an exhilarated gasp from your nostrils,
While you were the beats that made my heart violently throb; the pulse that trembled placidly in my wrists; the very purpose for which I was breathing and alive this second; and would retain life for many more hours to unwind.


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