You Were Really Very Beautiful

Everyday I admired your enchanting lips a 1000 times; wholesomely drowning myself into the voluptuous sheen of their luscious excitement,

Everyday I admired your silken hair a 1000 times; profoundly lost in their ravishing swirl as they mystically swished,

Everyday I admired your dainty fingers a 1000 times; envisaging them to be the sweetest honey ever existing or found on the trajectory of this earth,

Everyday I admired your rosy tongue a 1000 times; perceiving its supremely tantalizing taste; the tons of tangy saliva it encapsulated in its delectable chamber,

Everyday I admired your emphatic eyes a 1000 times; witnessing my reflection as pellucid as scintillating diamonds in their compassionate moistness,

Everyday I admired your seductive voice a 1000 times; thoroughly astounded by the unsurpassable eloquence in your words; the stupendous cadence in your sound,

Everyday I admired your immaculate ears a 1000 times; possessing an insatiable urge to whisper into them gently as time unveiled,

Everyday I admired your captivating belly a 1000 times; exploring its titillating contours voraciously with my slender hands,

Everyday I admired your incomprehensibly alluring eyelashes a 1000 times; kissing them nimbly with my lips; their incessant fluttering engendering me to go right back into my nostalgic childhood,

Everyday I admired your petite toes a 1000 times; incredulously relishing the tinkling sound of your silver chains; the moon white disposition of your majestic nails,

Everyday I admired your celestially sculptured shadow a 1000 times; bathing my impoverished persona in the enamoring intrigue it generated as soon as I transgressed it by,

Everyday I admired your superlatively piquant nose a 1000 times; adored it for indefatigable number of hours; blending myself wholesomely with the moist breath that fervently flowed across my cheek,

Everyday I admired your compassionately tiny fists a 1000 times; trying to decipher my destiny in the lines impregnated firmly within,

Everyday I admired your inevitably magnificent skin a 1000 times; sighting your flesh metamorphose from stark white to profusely crimson; on boundless number of occasions in a single day,

Everyday I admired your ingratiatingly imprisoning stare a 1000 times; locking my eyes for eternity into the ocean of invincible agony that you harbored,

Everyday I admired your majestically royal yawn a 1000 times; besieging my cowardly demeanor with waves of unparalleled excitement; as infinite shivers passed down my spine,

Everyday I admired your irrefutably golden sweat a 1000 times; relishing its poignant odor to the pinnacle of my hearts content,

Everyday I admired your flirtatiously dimpled chin a 1000 times; enticing me like a shooting star from the galaxy; to uncontrollably plummet down from the sky,

Everyday I admired your natural perfume a 1000 times; basking in its glorious aroma till I transited into a heavenly stupor; waking up only to find it tickling me all over again,

Everyday I admired your heartbeat a 1000 times; unprecedentedly enthralled at the turbulent flames they evoked in my chest,

And I have no inhibitions whatsoever in saying that as I got up the next day; I still admired your beautiful countenance a 1001st time; as you were the only girl of my dreams; you were really very beautiful.


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