You Were The Only One

My life was a languid lake of nothingness; evaporating at tumultuous speeds at each second unleashed itself into a wholesome minute,
Your were the only one to step in it; ignite cloudbursts of insatiably untamed desire; as you sighted it with the Omnipotent fire in your heavenly eyes.

My life was a wisp of extinguishing smoke; subsiding to worthless nothingness even before the most insipid of flames could arise,
You were the only one to step in it; metamorphose its dreary complexion to a land above paradise; as you caressed it with your majestically divine feet.

My life was a bedraggled cloth; disdainfully tattered at umpteenth number of places; and the ungainly holes augmenting horrendously on each impoverished step that
I tread,
You were the only one to step in it; add boundless glittering stars to its miserably grotesque demeanor; with the tantalizing cadence in your stupendous voice.

My life was a stinking gutter; with the savagely uncouth world stuffing its surplus dirt in my devastated belly; each time it passed by,
You were the only one to step in it; transform it into an everlasting ocean of uninhibited passion; with the unfathomable poignancy in your crimson blood.

My life was a pathetically squelched flower; with beasts indiscriminately trampling over it; to eventually make it blend with infinitesimal specks of morbid dust,
You were the only one to step in it; enshroud it with a perpetual fragrance of humanity from all sides; with the ravishing melody in your magnanimously enchanting stride.

My life was an ultimate disaster; stubbornly staggering to coalesce with inexplicable pain every instant; even before I could alight a single foot,
You were the only one to step in it; evolve it into a fountain of blossoming rhapsody and tangy happiness; with your benevolently charming smile; that escalated
above the starry skies.

My life was a treacherously sinister wave; indefatigably shattering against the rocks of horrific despair; even before it could culminate into the minutest of ecstatic froth,
You were the only one to step in it; impregnate its sordidly fading contours with unrelenting enigma; as you bounced perennially in a garden seductive excitement; compassionately embracing the winds of newness.

My life was an infertile battalion of seeds; ludicrously stagnating and stifling to a remorseful death; beneath the soil of worthlessly manipulative malice,
You were the only one to step in it; engendering it to bear the most unsurpassable repertoire of fruit on this boundless Universe; as you weaved a trail of irrefutable truth and sharing; across its haggardly crumbling swirl.

And my life was a scorching desert withering towards veritable extinction; as the Sun blazed a trifle extra in the sweltering afternoon skies,
You were the only one to step in it; enlighten it immortally with love; feeling; a spirit to unflinchingly survive; with your gloriously relentless heartbeats forever bonding with mine.


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