You Would Definitely Have To Come Back ‘tobby’ Darling

So that each morsel of food that she consumed perfectly assimilated into each ingredient of her blood once again—instead of only wanting to vomit out with the fiercest tenacity the instant it entered her inconsolable intestine,

So that each passing draught of freezing wind fomented her to uninhibitedly seek compassion once again—instead of her facing it bare-chested like an amorphous piece of lifeless junk,

So that each holocaust of unfathomably bizarre pain evoked a tear in her eye once again—instead of just emotionlessly staring at blank bits of endless sky and languidly passing by,

So that each bit of happiness profoundly brimming in the atmosphere brought a smile to her lips once again—instead of them biting viciously and unabashedly against patches of desolate nothingness,

So that every ray of unfettered dazzling Sun illuminated the pathway of her truncated life once again- -instead of drowning her deep and more ghastily deeper into a mortuary of forlornly plaguing darkness,

So that each ounce of jubilant honey brought sweetness into the fabric of her existence once again—instead of dreadfully embittering every conceivably innocuous beat of her soul,

So that each droplet of sensuous rain cascading from the sky tantalized her once again—instead of insensitively charring her down till the very last bone of her already deadened spine,

So that each infinitesimal bit of vividly blooming life made her a singer once again—instead of perpetuating the non-existent devil in her to incongruously curse under her breath,

So that each bountiful flower spread its majestic fragrance into the inane vacuum of her life once again—instead of becoming an intolerably decrepit stench which treacherously led her to the trench of gory death,

So that each tingling adventure impregnated that beautiful enthrallment into her survival once again—instead of dulling her into the most sadistically jinxed graveyards of monotonousness,

So that every vivacious rainbow in the sky ecstatically differentiated the boundless colors of her life once again—instead of maiming her into a coffin of estranged blackness,

So that every exhilarating space around her granted her that spirit of untamed freedom once again—instead of barbarously suffocating her to the gallows of indescribably sinister death,

So that each element of desire aroused her to the most unprecedented hilt once again—instead of uncouthly silencing the last cry of her joyousness to stonily devastating hell,

So that every globule of aristocratic dew punctuated each of her varied nerve with unparalleled fantasy once again—instead of becoming an unsurpassable ocean of blood for her to lividly float on,

So that each anecdote of true friendship made her immortally realize the beauty of life once again—instead of becoming the unbearably black stamp of hedonistic betrayal which stabbed left; right and dead center,

So that invincibly united strength taught her the ultimate chapters of humanity once again- -instead of venomously chopping the entire planet into spurious differentiations of caste; creed; color and tribe,

So that every tangible trace of life which sprouted on the Universe made her believe in God once again—instead of maniacally driving towards the dungeons of insanely plundering devil,

So that every day for her became a ‘valentines day’; wherein she breathed the essence of peace; love and friendship in one & all—instead of strangulating every pore of her body to horrific death this very cursed instant,

You would definitely have to come back to my sister ‘Tobby’ darling—for she knew no more life and love beyond you—you would be the ultimate hero of her eyes after God—and now alone without you; she wanted to find the definition of wholesomely silencing death.


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