With The Blessing Of Almighty God

We met on the boisterously bustling traffic streets; casting an evanescent glimpse amidst the juggernaut of bulky truck and traffic,

We flirted on the profusely foliated tree tops; winking at each other to the most unprecedented of our hearts content,

We stared unrelentingly under the creamy moon; trying to decipher our destinies sandwiched within the sparkling whites of our eye,

We flaunted our majestically robust skins under the dazzling Sun; basking in the flamboyant glory of its festoon of magnificently enchanting rays,

We fantasized to realms beyond fathomless eternity; tossing ardently on the astronomical summit of the gigantic mountain,

We shouted till the last breath down our lungs; profoundly relishing the mystically enticing voice which reverberated past boundless continents; after clashing against the gregarious rocks,

We merrily munched through a conglomerate of tantalizing fruit; sitting beside the rambunctiously quacking ducks in the farm,

We bathed indefatigably in the seductively dribbling gorgeous waterfall; profusely enjoying it every unleashing minute; as reinvigorating pints of liquid gushed past our skins,

We danced rhapsodically in the heart of the jungle; gyrating exuberantly to the vivacious rustling of the leaves; the royally spell binding tunes of the nightingale,

We kissed in the aisles of insatiably augmenting passion; engulfing our shivering flesh with compassionate blankets of breath,

We chased each other through the incomprehensible labyrinth of enigmatic tunnels; squealing like new born infants as the blackness took a vindictive stranglehold of the light,

We euphorically pulled our hair in the poignantly undulating sea; inundating our limp bodies with tons of piquantly pepped up salt,

We philandered in gay abandon on the golden stallion; sequestering our clandestine venture to the best of our ability from the uncouthly satanic society,

We discovered each other in the perpetually solitary dungeons; understanding the inexplicably varied aspects of bountiful existence,

We mischievously slapped each other on the bed covers of grandiloquently frozen ice; instilling a frenzied ardor in our lifelessly chilled veins,

We admired each other on the temple steps; fervently incarcerated by the stupendously fabulous creation of the Almighty Lord,

We slept under the island of opalescently shimmering stars; whispering the nostalgic tales of impeccable childhood in our intricately sensitive eardrums,

We proposed to each other at the crack of surreally obscure dawn; so that the first rays of the flaming morning stood an invincible testimonial to our sacred love,

And we married in the realms of the immortally divine heavens; with the blessing of Almighty God; ensuring that we stayed united in threads of holy matrimony for
times beyond what life could ever foresee.


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