To learn the abcd of spell bindingly tangy salt; I went into the heart of ravishingly undulating and frostily untainted; ocean,

To learn the abcd of tantalizing mysteriousness; I strolled through the aisles of the stupendously resplendent and profoundly moonlit; forest,

To learn the abcd of unequivocal uninhibitedness; I stood under the torrentially untamed downpour of pricelessly golden and fantastically untainted; rain,

To learn the abcd of symbiotic simplicity; I went to blissfully admire the magnanimously rejuvenating shadows of the royally invincible and benevolently
burgeoning; tree,

To learn the abcd of exotically entrenching timelessness; I sailed through the bountifully silken and fathomlessly everlasting; sky,

To learn the abcd of celestially jingling happiness; I went to the vivacious canvas of the supremely dexterous and unbelievably handsome; rainbow,

To learn the abcd of peerlessly unflinching invincibility; I went to the brilliantly flamboyant epitome of the indomitably unshakable and insuperably united; mountain of mankind,

To learn the abcd of pristinely innocuous boisterousness; I went to the hives of the raucously swarming and indefatigably buzzing; bees,

To learn the abcd of quintessentially construable English; I punctiliously flipped through the pages of the colossally informative and incredulously eclectic;

To learn the abcd of mellifluously heavenly music; I went to the impeccable nest of the divinely blessed and ubiquitously inimitable; nightingale,

To learn the abcd of astoundingly vivid imitation; I went to the cage of the miraculously sensitive and timelessly ecstatic; parrot,

To learn the abcd of unrestrictedly eternal mischief; I went to the cradle of the blissfully bouncing and perennially suckling; infant,

To learn the abcd of splendidly arcane uncanniness; I went to the den of the regally hissing and poignantly provoked; serpent,

To learn the abcd of supremely reinvigorating freshness; I frequented the perpetual cascade of the emolliently embellished and resplendently rhapsodic; waterfall,

To learn the abcd of blazingly insuperable patriotism; I spent time with the immortally felicitated and fearlessly altruistic; soldier,

To learn the abcd of supremely unhindered compassion; I profusely drowned myself into the selflessly Omnipotent and bountifully heavenly; lap of my revered mother,

To learn the abcd of scientifically revolutionary healing; I went to the beamingly humanitarian and blessedly versatile; doctor,

But in order to learn the abcd of Immortal Love neither did I go anywhere; neither did I browse through the most gigantic of textbooks to sagaciously discern; as the beats from my heart inevitably leapt out in the planet since the very first cry of my
birth; to forever bond with the goddess they already knew since an infinite previous births; to forever be possessed by that goddess till even infinite births even after; this earth ceased to throb and exist.

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