Abortion—The Greatest Sin

Abortion. A word that brutally devastates the heart of spell binding imagination; casting a spell of irrevocably endless gloom upon every iota of exhilarating freshness in the atmosphere,

Abortion. A word that is indescribably gory to the most unprecedented limits; dismally silencing priceless life; even before it could take construable roots,

Abortion. A word that profanely imperils god’s most sacrosanct chapter of proliferation; horrifically assassinating the rainbows of profound exuberance in life’s mystical swirl,

Abortion. A word that perpetuates deliriously ghastly abhorrence amongst all
caste; creed and tribe alike; sinfully asphyxiating the mantra of innocuous

Abortion. A word that indefatigably rots in the aisles of murderously cold-blooded hell; snaps every ounce of Samaritan brotherhood from boundlessly bountiful civilizations,

Abortion. A word that decimates even the most unassailable flag of victory
to dastardly ash; hedonistically rebels against the Omnipresent Almighty Lord; evoking the most angriest moments from emollient heaven,

Abortion. A word that sends vindictively decrepit chills down till the very last bone of the spine; an unforgivable crime for which even the greatest of God’s couldn’t grant you reprieve,

Abortion. A word that treacherously jeopardizes holistically burgeoning sanctity; indiscriminately pulverizes stupendously benign goodness to the infinitesimally worthless devil’s workshop,

Abortion. A word that foments dolorous discontentment since the very first
shimmer of majestically enchanting dawn; metamorphosing every ingredient of
poignantly scarlet blood in the body; to ghoulishly amorphous and heartless

Abortion. A word that salaciously reverberates with unsolicited prejudice;
baselessly penalizing the fabric of existence; to mollify meaningless idiosyncrasies of pompously tawdry human beings,

Abortion. A word that pronounces intransigently cannibalistic mercilessness;
till the time this earth existed and even beyond,
Abortion. A word that disintegrates into countless fragments of inane worthlessness; diffusing nothing but preposterously unwarranted fear; even amidst the most perpetually deadened of graves,

Abortion. A word that is the most cadaverous of invective upon God’s paradise of wonderfully symbiotic creation; diabolically squelching the essence of compassionately synergistic togetherness into mists of perfidiously vanishing desolation,

Abortion. A word that wretchedly penalizes the freshly evolving for ostensibly no fault of theirs; a mortuary of endless decay and wicked diabolism,

Abortion. A word that swipes the uninhibitedly everlasting freedom to live and breathe; torturing the naturally harmonious body to the most bizarrely unprecedented limits,

Abortion. A word that propagates nothing but a disease more truculently debilitating than atrocious cancer; ruthlessly killing the effulgent spirit of holistic survival,

Abortion. A word that not only sucks blessed blood from organisms alive; but
tirelessly relishes it; smacking its tyrannical lips in unfathomable contentment,

Abortion. A word that just wasn’t there in the dictionary of the God’s; a word so deadly that even the most victimizing of hell’s trembled to harbor in their sinful repertoire,

Abortion. A word that some females succumbed to today; just to maintain the
trim silhouettes of their non-existent stomachs; just to expend more time with the bombastically bawdy high society; just to carve a flamboyantly artificial integrity for themselves in the uxoriously dogmatic professional world; although they very well knew that it would be the greatest sin that they would ever commit not only for this birth; but for an infinite more births of theirs; even after the planet had ceased to exist


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