Inundate the barren landscapes sprawling over kilometers of territory; with lush green patches of grass and blossoming flower,

Inundate pallid regions of the lackluster wall; with flamboyant strokes of scarlet color,

Inundate the arid strips of desiccated desert land; with bountiful amounts of sweet water,

Inundate the mouth of a famished squirrel; with a plethora of succulent
kernel and brazen nuts,

Inundate the abysmally hollow foundation of an edifice; with an armory of bare and freshly baked bricks,

Inundate the rocky slopes of the lanky mountain; with crystal white globules of frozen snow,

Inundate empty canisters encapsulated in the car; with the aromatic elixir of petrol,

Inundate the raw bruises oozing blood from body; with fillings of stringent antiseptic powder,

Inundate the vacant spaces of white and long canvas; with panoramic scenes of view of the gorgeous valley,

Inundate gruesome darkness engulfing the tunnel; with austere beams of holistic sunlight,

Inundate the dilapidated stable of sacrosanct cow; with loads of salubrious forage and bunches of banana leaves,

Inundate the desolate and silken web suspended from between two trees; with scores of venomous spider,

Inundate the torn and disheveled persona of shirt; with heaps of thread and garish cloth,

Inundate the dying embers of red coal; with flames of a dynamic and crackling fire,

Inundate the demeanor of a rustic ring; with clusters of sparkling diamonds,

Inundate the gloomy silhouette of parched and despondent lips; with an everlasting laugh,

Inundate the forlorn and solitary streets in the city; with bustling jams of unruly traffic,

Inundate the fecund strips of black and loamy soil; with a granary of rich
pudgy seeds,

Inundate the feet of your god; mother; beloved; with all the wealth you can assimilate on this earth,

And inundate the lives of all those afflicted with bizarre pain and inexplicable distress; with unprejudiced love and immortal smiles.

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