Invaluable Blood

Placid streams of blood trickled down my nape,

forming crisscross patterns; like slithering reptiles,

I had accidentally brushed against a protuberant nail,
smilingly bore the aftermath of crimson blood staining crisp arenas of my cotton shirt.

Volatile springs of blood spewed from my ribs,
as I bore the savage onslaught of multitudinal knives,
producing sinister fountains of unseething agony,
subjecting my tender skin to a plethora of ghastly bruise,
I stood unperturbed; enthralled by the iridescent light of the moon,
uttering inaudibly soft groans beneath cabin covers of my breath.

Segregated globules of blood cascaded down my bohemian hands,
trespassing subtle barriers of blond hair emanating from my flesh,
as cluster of sea blue leech sucked cupidly; from the hollow of my arm,
I sordidly stood my ground; bearing tumultuous waves of agony,
grimacing my teeth like a mansion with reinforced glass.

Rollicking blades of the ceiling fan, plucked splinters from my bone,
as the contraption fell in full speed on my persona,
there was an canal of blood that oozed from my lips,
with an unrelenting flow of septic body fluids,
I still refrained from submerging my eye in tears,
burying my head deep within crustacean sands of earth.

I then witnessed them battering her with boomerangs of serrated metal,
dismantling hair on her scalp with their plagued hands,
slapping her cheek with a volley of abuse,
with faint rivulets of invaluable blood drooling down her luscious lips,
I couldn’t bear it any longer; the endurance in me dying a stifled death,
as I leapt in vehement indignation towards the bunch of miscreants; and for the first time cried.


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