No Smoking

NO smoking; NO offensively ghoulish odor lugubriously stabbing every
gorgeously impeccable and rhapsodic ingredient of the atmosphere,

NO smoking; NO horrendously inexplicable disease infiltrating into the
Body invidiously; treacherously asphyxiating you towards your veritable

NO smoking; NO disgustingly manipulative webs of bizarre lechery;
threateningly overwhelming even the most infinitesimal trace of
goodness in eternal mankind,

NO smoking; NO insidiously negative energies corrupting the fabric of
innocuous holistic humanity; satanically lambasting the Omnipotent
effervescence of unconquerable truth,

NO smoking; NO truculently diabolical tyranny to the ingratiating
jacket of lungs; not even the tiniest of abuse to the most wonderfully sculptured
and impeccably nimble body,

NO smoking; NO maliciously ghastly whirlpools of stinking white;
venomously permeating into the heavenly nostril; perfidiously obfuscating crystal
clear centers of enamoring sight,

NO smoking; NO bouts of insanely maniacal frustration ominously
creeping up the pious soul; relentlessly trying to mercilessly pulverize
ravishingly mesmerizing existence,

NO smoking; NO beads of drearily rotten sweat dribbling from the
innocent forehead; no preposterously pugnacious scent of the obsolete gutters
emanating from harmonious body perspiration,

NO smoking; NO irascibly murderous vacillations of the heart; not even
the most inconspicuous maelstroms of penalizing blood pressure and
victimizing adulteration,

NO smoking; NO indefatigably abhorrent series of pathetically whooping
cough; not even the most diminutive trace of gory infection in the
chords of the enchantingly sensuous throat,

NO smoking; NO coffins of horrifically crippling cancer rampantly
marauding the poignant bloodstreams; surreptitiously clambering up the body to
devilishly inflict the chapters of permanent death,

NO smoking; NO inhibitions whatsoever in melanging with the lap of
sacrosanct nature; and every panoramic fruit of God’s unsurpassably
bountiful creation; wholeheartedly welcoming your immaculately humanitarian

NO smoking; NO tense apprehensions of a miserably truncated life; not
even the most mercurial of fear at all of prematurely snapping the fangs of
existence; with your very own trembling hands,

NO smoking; NO indiscriminately whipping malice; with every religion;
caste; creed; color; tribe on this planet; symbiotically blending in
the religion of priceless mankind,

NO smoking; NO recklessly sleepless nights; with licentiously bellicose
nightmares maiming you beyond the realms of sagacious recognition,

NO smoking; NO diffidently stumbling footsteps; not even the most
parsimonious trace of fear encapsulating your countenance,

NO smoking; NO salaciously coldblooded parasites loitering all over
your traumatically frazzled body; truculently evicting even the last ounce
of your exuberant energy,

NO smoking; NO aimlessly ominous wandering in the corridors of vengeful
neglect; not even the most invisible trace of vindictively forlorn and
malevolent obsession,

NO smoking; NO ignominious condemnation thrusted into your nimble face;
no opprobrious rebuke assassinating you on every step that you

NO smoking; NO blood stained tears rolling down your harmless cheeks;
not even the slightest trace of castigating anguish enshrouding the
blissful contours of your face,

NO smoking; NO wars of savagely destroying loneliness annihilating
every trace of your vivid exhilaration; with a sky of unfathomably unending
freshness miraculously coalescing with your stride,

NO smoking; NO witnessing your profusely decaying form in the mirror
every dawn; with the beats of everlasting sensuousness forever being the
profound embellishment of your innocent eyes,

NO smoking; NO regret for the celestially scintillating chapter of
life; not even the most diminutive curse of past lives; ever caressing you for
timeless times,

NO smoking; NO ruthlessly abrading your destiny lines with your own
breath; with every instant of life unfurling into a garden of bountifully
endowing beauty and graciousness,

NO smoking; NO demons pilfering into your visage as the Sun went behind
the sky; with the Omnipotent glow of righteousness forever being as your
only companion; your only and unbreakable pride,

NO smoking; NO ghosts perilously decimating you from all sides; with a
paradise of invincibly princely triumph irrevocably kissing you till
the very end of your time,

NO smoking; NO squeamishly threadbare dirt imprisoning every element of
your demeanor; with the mantra of synergistic existence being your only
fodder to spell bindingly survive,

NO smoking; NO noose tightening ghastily round your intricately
effusive neck; with every aspect of life suddenly illuminating with ebulliently
untamed gusto and aristocratic cheer,

NO smoking; NO savagely blood shot and torturously dry eyes; not even
the most infidel blemish of dolorously pale blackness on the contours of
your resplendently silken skin,

NO smoking; NO repentance for uselessly leading enamoring life; not
even the most fugitive feeling of massacring the heart of God’s gloriously
enchanting creation,

NO smoking; NO challenging the laws of pricelessly proliferating
existence; synergistically surrendering every iota of your visage to the
unprecedented treasurehouse of royal mankind,

NO smoking; NO painstakingly walking through stringently restricted
zones; with every organism on this Universe traversing shoulder to shoulder
through the zone of; ubiquitously Omnipotent mankind,

NO smoking; NO sporadic stuttering of vivaciously volatile breath; not
even the most tiniest of impediment in the passage of euphorically
everlasting air and existence,

NO smoking; NO thorns of acrimoniously criminal prejudice and bloody
crime; with the pathways of survival astoundingly radiating with the
profoundly vibrant elixir of friendship and irrefutably spell binding prosperity,

NO smoking; NO ghostly incarceration of the conscience in corpses of
remorseful stagnation; with the rainbow of sparklingly heavenly truth
reigning supreme for infinite more births yet to unveil,

And NO smoking; NO bidding adieu to the fabric of Omnisciently
ever-pervading life; with the entrenchment of sacrosanct existence
perpetually blending forever and ever and ever with the Creator Divine.


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