No Stoppages

There were towering faces of unassailably domineering mountains; to stop the unrelentingly untamed maelstrom of wind,

There were unfathomably stringent bars of antiseptic carbolic; to stop the intransigently uncouth flow of pertinent germs and disease,

There were dazzling rays of the blazingly sweltering Sun; to stop the ferociously torrential onslaught of tumultuously cyclonic rain,

There were unsurpassable curtain spreads of seductively tantalizing night; to stop the
acrimoniously persevering rays of the barbarically excoriating day,

There were gargantuan chunks of dried lumber and stone; to stop the flow of the vociferously bubbling and incorrigibly relentless stream,

There were clouds of majestically sparkling hope; to stop the insidiously advancing dungeon of haplessly penalizing depression,

There were exhilarating expeditions of intrepid adventure; to stop the mundanely vicious attack of bizarrely crippling monotony,

There were perennially invincible rays of uninhibited freedom; to stop the diabolically salacious whirlwinds of despicable imprisonment,

There were an incomprehensible festoon of vivaciously bustling smiles; to stop the rampantly vindictive onslaught of dolorously lambasting depression,

There were deluging hosepipes of rapturously exuberant water; to stop the plethora of hostile fumes from charring all in surrounding vicinity; to infinitesimally
insipid ash,

There were bountifully resplendent meadows of everlasting green grass; to stop the ominously perfidious attack of penuriously lackadaisical drought,

There were whirlpools of irrefutably candid honesty; to stop the painstakingly lecherous advent of blatantly derogatory and hideous lies,

There were indefatigable cloudshowers of miraculously Omniscient innovation; to stop the murderously menacing shadow of heinously delinquent stagnation,

There were rainbows of Omnipresently shimmering faith and solidarity; to stop the invidiously infiltrating and satanically pulverizing devil,
There were formidably tenacious enclosures of Herculean strength; to stop the perilously ungainly convicts from eloping in the aisles of miserably maiming violence; once again,

There were waterfalls of astoundingly reinvigorating freshness; to stop the acridly horrendous dust storms of prejudice; from brutally lambasting your sacredly crimson blood,

There were tirelessly diffusing buckets of incomprehensible breath; to stop the remorsefully sullen blankets of the dreadful corpse; from ruthlessly asphyxiating priceless survival,

There were fountains of philanthropically immortal love and humanity; to stop the dwindling inferno of wicked betrayal; from stepping even an infinitesimal
iota inside,

But there was nothing on or beyond this astronomically aristocratic Universe to stop the chapter of life; to stop the gloriously sacrosanct chapter of proliferation; to stop existence from reigning marvelously supreme for centuries unprecedented,

And if indeed there was somebody then it was not mundane human or his unending list of sleazy contraptions; as the reigns of this entire planet; danced solely to the tunes of the Omnipotent Almighty Lord; were solely his and would remain
his forever; to execute.


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