O! Divinely Beloved

When truculent cloudbursts of rain pelted violently from crimson blankets of sky; treacherously flooding immaculately nimble earth with viciously stormy water,
And acrimonious rays of the devastatingly sweltering Sun; scorched everything blissful on the trajectory of this boundless Universe,
When demons ruled in uninhibited tandem; insidiously casting their spell of unsurpassably diabolical doom upon every cranny of this wonderful earth; that they satanically trespassed,
And uncouth avalanches of freezing ice; crushed countless innocent in their ferociously ghastly swirl,
Your mesmerizing voice was the only power O! priceless Beloved; that made me wholesomely oblivious to all sinister hell raining around me; profoundly drowning
me into a world of exotically voluptuous enchantment and supreme peace.

When dungeons of hideously venomous scorpions ran in torrential frenzy; to spread inexplicably shivering terror; and savagely sting,
And barbarically horrific fires augmented to vindictive glory every unleashing minute; disastrously charring everything blissful; in natures bountiful vicinity,
When winds of bizarre nothingness profusely enveloped every harmonious dwelling; perpetuating fangs of doomsday in entities synergistically alive,
And lecherously tumultuous gutter waters; gushed in frenziedly; to drown immaculate children in their deadly swirl,
Your incomprehensibly enchanting smile was the only entrenchment O! sacrosanct Beloved; that sequestered me impregnably in its charismatic waves; propelling me
to take a countless more births once again; even as crippling debilitation cascaded gorily from every quarter of the sky.

When unsparingly ominous earthquakes rattled celestial civilizations like a pack of deteriorated matchsticks; mercilessly pulverizing even the most formidable of
fortresses to juxtapose with raw ash,
And unfathomable battalions of lethally prejudiced snakes danced in uncanny excitement at midnight; asphyxiating boundless innocuous to death; under cold
rays of the Moon;
When fathomlessly sprawling oceans of tangy water; ruthlessly evaporated to a capriciously inconspicuous globule of saw dust;
And an endless sky of heinously perilous vultures descended down; to pluck out robust flesh from bodies divinely alive,
Your heavenly eyes were the only rays O! Omniscient Beloved; that deluged each cranny of my impoverished life with Omnipotent light; an unparalleled optimism
to emerge perpetually victorious in every philanthropic act of mine; even as jails of the devil had incarcerated one and all; alike.

When fireballs of breath seemed to be miserably dwindling from my body; every symbiotically blessed space around me; metamorphosing into a land of perennially stinking cowardice,
And an unfathomable barricade of hurdles confronted me in my way; triggering me to collapse countless kilometers beneath the ground; even before I commenced
my holistically handsome walk;
When all food on this marvelously royal planet; transformed into threadbare chunks of ludicrously dumb stone,
And life on the majestically endowed sphere of land; was brutally tyrannized to gruesome submission; by abominably oppressed traitors of hell,
Your immortal love was the only gift O! divinely Beloved; which bonded my despicably trembling beats with the spirit to unflinchingly survive; take birth
an infinite more times; as the ultimate harbinger of benign humanity.


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