O! Heavenly Mother

The battalion of servants in vicinity loved you for your chivalrous tendencies; the benevolent disposition of your heart to cater to them with an egalitarian smile,

The dog wandering on the lawns loved you for giving him a juicy bone; overwhelmingly placating his famished gluttony for the hungry day to yet unveil,

The fleet of boisterous sparrows perched on the barren rooftops loved you for deluging their bowl with sparkling globules of water; delectably pacifying their thirst in the peak of acrimoniously sweltering summer,

The Man at the grocery store loved you for your benign mannerisms; the compassionately warm thanks you uttered; as you accomplished your every purchase,

The toddler crawling innocuously on the ground loved you for your intimate softness; the vivacious innocence with which you hoisted them high and handsome towards the misty sky,

The cat sitting on the fence loved you for the ravishingly frosty milk you fed it every dawn; irrefutably ensuring that it kept smacking its rubicund tongue for countless hours thereafter,

The widow residing next door loved you for your uninhibited support; the stupendous empathy with which you made her inexplicable tears a part of your own
persevering life,

The ground through which you transgressed all day and night loved you for your voluptuously satiny caress; the unbelievably astronomical care you took to avoid
the ruthless trampling of its soft granules,

The beggars trembling uncontrollably on the streets loved you for your profound sympathy; the profusely philanthropic attitude you displayed while feeding them with precious meals of bread and brime,

The succulent bunch of scarlet cherries loved you for embellishing them like a royal prince; placing them majestically on the icing of the valentine cake,

The orphans on the streets loved you for providing them with a place to rest; invincibly harboring them with loads of comforting warmth in the realms of the
perilously treacherous night,

The paintbrush lying still on the mantelpiece loved you for sketching mesmerizing lines of the landscape; imparting new life to the fathomlessly barren and dull
sheets of dolorously dilapidated canvas,

The festoon of garish clothes stashed in the wardrobe loved you for meticulously ironing them; washing them scrupulously in an ocean of enchantingly bubbly foam,

The clouds floating in the cosmos loved you for admiring them till eternity; drowning yourself completely into the tantalizing blanket of their unparalleled glory,

The vibrantly gaudy butterflies fluttering in free space loved you for your youthful leap; the astoundingly incredulous way in which you rejoiced with them in the aisles of rampant fun and ecstatic frolic,

The freshly born infant loved you for your mischievous smile; the peck you gave it on its robust cheeks; fomenting it inevitably to euphorically bounce forward with newly discovered life,

The irascibly pertinent rat loved you for your unsurpassable pity; the incomprehensible mercy you portrayed by leaving it to gallivant like a king in the fields; after releasing it from the horrendously obnoxious mousetrap,

The Man of the house loved you for your unprecedented sense of responsibility; the incessant stream of love that kept pouring relentlessly and without the slightest of expectation from your divinely heart,

And I loved you O! Heavenly Mother for bearing me 9 months in your sacred womb; raising me up this big with perpetual longing and care; so that I could enjoy the world in its most fullest form today; coin plans to blissfully live for infinite more tomorrows.


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