O! How He Wished And Wished And Wished.

Unfortunately, it was only his flagrantly dismantled dead body; that brought people of all religions; caste; creed and color blissfully together; clasping their palms in unison infront of the Almighty Lord-for bountiful liberation of the bereaved soul,

Unfortunately, it was only his lividly fetid dead body; that brought even the most squabbling of plunderers to the feet of the deceased; beseeching solace for every hedonistically committed of their misdeed,

Unfortunately, it was only his forlornly silent dead body; that inexhaustibly perpetuated even the most maniacally corporate and robotic; to perceive beyond the dungeons of the commercial world,

Unfortunately, it was only his ghastily distorted dead body; that evoked a cloudburst of torrential sympathy in even the cruelest of heart; fomented the devil the weep just that once in his entire-insensitively lunatic life,

Unfortunately, it was only his morbidly castrated dead body; that spontaneously triggered a humanitarian helping attitude; with the entire fathomless planet eternally wishing to exist under a singleton roof,

Unfortunately, it was only his morosely unembellished dead body; that made every living organism realize the true value of enigmatic life; that very existence which it preposterously blew up; in inconspicuous smoke; and relentlessly sardonic laughter,

Unfortunately, it was only his worthlessly decrepit dead body; that made countless human pray in meek obeisance; asking the Omnipotent Lord to condone them for their inadvertently committed sins of a past and present life,

Unfortunately, it was only his shockingly still dead body; that stirred an impregnable revolution in the most impotently dormant of hearts; to collectively rise for the cause of justice; beheading even the tiniest innuendo of the devil that dared come their way,

Unfortunately, it was only his pathetically paralyzed dead body; that stringently provoked even the stingiest to come forward; magnanimously donate for the garlands; funereal expenses; burial and haplessly left behind kin,

Unfortunately, it was only his brutally pulverized dead body; that churned the most immaculately truthful of poetry; perpetually equating the good’s and bad’s of many an inexplicably infinite lifetime,

Unfortunately, it was only his immovably maimed dead body; that drove the flock of the greatest lazy sleepers out of their beds; now energized to contribute something for the betterment of society; with the sense of shame ruling supreme over every ingredient of their blood,

Unfortunately, it was only his bizarrely taciturn dead body; that metamorphosed the parasitic arrogance in each footstep that tread on soil; into a celestial leaf of everlastingly symbiotic humility,

Unfortunately, it was only his incomprehensibly speechless dead body; that fomented the pulse of existence; to beat solely for the heaven of unassailably enamoring companionship,

Unfortunately, it was only his indelibly stagnating dead body; that brought about infinite moments of pin-drop silence; amidst the heart of devastatingly
bombarding and abhorrent war,

Unfortunately, it was only his hopelessly jeopardized dead body; that evolved an ambience of sheer urgency in the boundless atmosphere; that none should ever succumb like a lifeless matchstick to the devil’s non-existent sword,

Unfortunately, it was only his unfathomably irreparable dead body; that made the deliriously agnostic; believe every bit in the miraculous and magnificent powers of
the Omnisciently ameliorating God,

Unfortunately, it was only his indiscriminately charred dead body; that made man wholeheartedly embrace even the worst of his enemy; give him shelter under his very own compassionate roof—in utter shock and disbelief,

Unfortunately, it was only his unrecognizably damaged dead body; that made emotionlessly maverick society; believe irrefutably and all the more in the Omnipresent freshness of the new-born child—the timelessly revitalizing chapters of life,

O! how he wished and wished and wished sitting there in heaven; that even an iota of the above had happened when he was alive in soul; conscious mind and physical form.


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