O! Immortal Beloved.

My humble salutations to you O! Tantalizing Beloved; for so magnanimously tolerating my eccentrically esoteric repertoire of idiosyncrasies; my marathon
hours of sky gazing in the heart of spell bindingly ravishing midnight,

My eternal salutations to you O! Beautiful Beloved; for so chivalrously toleration my congenital habits of challenging conventional society; my unsurpassable ocean of intrepid opinions; which were solely and profusely my very own,

My priceless salutations to you O! Eternal Beloved; for so open heartedly tolerating my inherent tendencies to flirt and philander; romanticize in the aisles of surreally tantalizing desire; till infinite more births of mine,

My unflinching salutations to you O! Pristine Beloved; for so handsomely tolerating my bizarre antagonism from the conventionally turgid society; my principles
irrevocably discarding every other religion on this planet; except the religion of unconquerably Omnipotent mankind,

My endless salutations to you O! Celestial Beloved; for so pioneeringly tolerating my sporadic bouts of exasperating nonchalance; my wholesome delineation from the monotonously outside world,

My boundless salutations to you O! Majestic Beloved; for so blissfully tolerating my infuriatingly lambasting anger; my unsurpassable mountain of baseless whims and uxoriously incarcerating habits,

My indefatigable salutations to you O! Inimitable Beloved; for so astoundingly tolerating my disparagingly crucifying agonies; my horrendously harrowing nightmares which at times rendered me worse than lividly cadaverous mortuaries; even in the shimmer of the brilliantly sunlit day,

My intransigent salutations to you O! Mellifluous Beloved; for so magically tolerating my dictatorially chauvinistic ego; my lecherously bohemian demeanor and
shaggily uncut toenails,

My unfathomable salutations to you O! Heavenly Beloved; for so miraculously tolerating my disdainfully abusive tongue; my incongruously abstruse babbling like a newborn child; as I snored in the aisles of profoundly solitary sleep,

My triumphant salutations to you O! Immaculate Beloved; for so regally tolerating my fastidiously pernicious obsessions; my unendingly esoteric titillations and tastes of the tongue,

My everlasting salutations to you O! Unblemished Beloved; for so magnificently tolerating my abhorrently prejudiced odor; my outlandishly obsolete way of dressing even as I trespassed amidst the imperially exquisite society,

My timeless salutations to you O! Gorgeous Beloved; for so enchantingly tolerating my ominously dribbling perspiration; my inscrutably inexplicable aura which
enshrouded me like a draught of irrevocable wind from all ends,

My ubiquitous salutations to you O! Adorable Beloved; for so patiently tolerating my disastrously stuttering and maimed stride; my hands that smelt of ghoulishly foul fish all day; as I aimlessly sauntered amongst the piles of lifeless crabs and desolate sand,

My godly salutations to you O! Effulgent Beloved; for so wonderfully tolerating my irascibly sneezing nose; my perennial fits of discontentment; which never ever
got placated even with the most aristocratic of wealth,

My victorious salutations to you O! Iridescent Beloved; for so fragrantly tolerating my disastrously penurious demeanor; my rotten juggernaut of hollow luck; which venomously marauded my pockets with more and more holes; as the instants zipped by,

My spell binding salutations to you O! Sacrosanct Beloved; for so sagaciously tolerating my uninhibitedly exotic fearlessness; my uncanny slips into the unfettered wilderness from time to time; without even leaving the tiniest of innuendo behind,

My ardent salutations to you O! Unconquerable Beloved; for so opulently tolerating my erotically decrepit fantasies; my unstoppably brute masculine force; which at times was more tempestuous than raw thunderbolts of lightening to confront,

My convivial salutations to you O! holistic Beloved; for so remarkably tolerating my inevitably decaying breath; my viciously cancerous presence all day and even after the clock hours gallivanted well past; the strokes of invidiously sinister midnight,

And my tireless salutations to you O! Immortal Beloved; for so synergistically tolerating me as your diminutively impoverished husband; bonding even the
most infinitesimal element of your heart; soul and conscience with mine; even though I was just an undeservingly scurrilous stranger trying to parasitically creep into your blessed life.


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