Ocean Of Blood

Before me stretches the gargantuan ocean of blood,
O! helmsman be my eternal companion,
Launch me into it face down,
The turbulent waves of blood shake our boat,
But don’t be afraid my friend,
For at every step there’s GOD to be,
To wipe the tear drops from our eyes,
And to be our eternal friend.

Our boat is going too fast,
Slow it down a trifle my friend,
To bring it in terms with the actual pace of life,
Where lies agonizing sorrow and grief,
With a thick intensity,
For us to handle with our boat,
Trespassing calmly over it,
For every step that passes by; is a path to the open world.

O! Friend come near; lets prepare to jump,
In the concoction of blood and water that surrounds us,
For we have now left this life far behind,
And are prepared for the time to come,
Do not be afraid of the consequences my friend,
For this world will laugh at you and me,
I can hear the laugh loud and reverberating a few feet behind us,
C’mon lets prepare to jump.


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