Ocean Of Dreams

Olive green grenades of juicy fruit,
silver grey oysters touching ocean beds,
round yellow moulds of gold biscuits,
black leather made of pure python skin,
glass trolleys from projecting pivots of Ferris wheel,
leather bound volumes of English dictionary,
sliding metallic doors of refrigerated apparatus,
big tyre treads of fantasy Toyota,
wrought iron legs of four poster bed,
mesmerizing voice of the tower cuckoo clock,
articulately carved statues of marble,
jeweled parker pens with ball pointed refill,
exquisite clothing for all kinds of wear,
luminating dials of strapped wrist watch,
everlasting chill of window air conditioner,
lush green lawns with high converging fountains,
sprawling meadows of migratory birds,
blood curling growl of hybrid Alsatian,
electronic computers with surplus microchips,
100 pails of freshly extracted cow milk,
royal game of chess played on checkered squares,
brown thatched roofs of clay huts,
inflated sharpened pencil shell of scud missiles,
dense camouflaged orchards of red apple,
solitary confinement amidst an assemblage of graves,
bronze plated flower vase with red roses,
flashing signal lights in London streets,
loose cattle wandering on Swiss plateau’s,
a motor boat cruise of river Thames,
multicolored flags of global nations,
rotund policemen on Asian roads,
mega suspense thrillers of James bond,
acres of fertile farm land,
electric charged atmosphere of stock market floor,
bottles of tightly corked Australian champagne,
furry green tables of playing cards,
slender skies for zipping through snow,
throaty chuckles while viewing Walt Disney,
rich tapestry of aircraft seat,
mono-rails trespassing African jungles,
museums possessing antiquated fossils,
revolving trophies of championship wins,
hunched camel back on desert soil,
cigarettes containing filtered tobacco,
frogs croaking in discordant unison,
midnight stars in a twinkling cameo,
i wake up with pricked jerks,
drenched with cold ice water,
thrown in disdain by my plump mother,
one thing’s for certain,
my mind is a vast ocean of dreams.


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