Oceans Of Love.

A handful of salt to impregnate flavor in my lackadaisical food; relish the most tantalizingly exotic meal of my life; for centuries immemorial,

A handful of smiles to enlighten the trajectory of my derogatorily sullen lips; punctuate my lugubriously dreary entrenchment of solitude; with triumphantly
ebullient cheer,

A handful of empathy to marvelously pacify my treacherously disheveled eyes; inundate their regretfully stony whites with unfathomable charisma and voluptuous charm,

A handful of muscle to stupendously refurbish my flailing arms; grant them the sparkling tenacity to exuberantly surge forward with profound gusto of life,

A handful of pristine water to gorgeously placate my traumatically agonizing throat; bountifully replenish even the most infinitesimal of my senses with the most
ingratiating gift of God,

A handful of flirtation to mischievously titillate my monotonously beleaguered soul; handsomely mitigate me of my apprehensions in the chapter of monotonously
uncouth life,

A handful of blood to astoundingly rejuvenate my pathetically diminishing nerves; trigger even the most lividly devastated arenas of my visage; on a voyage of
poignantly crimson fire,

A handful of cloth to fantastically embellish my disastrously shriveled body; beautifully instill a wave of amiable compassion in each of my devastatingly
debilitating senses,

A handful of fragrance to divinely mesmerize my penuriously staggering countenance; metamorphose me forever and ever and ever into a cloud of mystically ravishing paradise,

A handful of inebriation to magnificently tranquilize my preposterously rambunctious voice; blend my disdainfully wavering spirit with the rhythmic
pulsations of the divine,

A handful of resilience to add boundless sparks to my abominably defeated stride; majestically instilling in me the ability to confront the most horrendously
acrimonious of impediments that came my side,

A handful of mascara to vibrantly illuminate my dismally drooping eyelashes; perpetuating me to erupt into an unrelenting festoon of fantasy and spell
bindingly gracious rhyme,

A handful of truth to irrefutably bless my salaciously pulverized conscience; Omnisciently flood its woefully fretting and stagnating dormitories with the mantra of symbiotic existence,

A handful of artistry to regally stimulate each deliberately indolent nerve of my nimble demeanor; deluge the fathomlessly barren canvas of my life; with
the profusely fascinating essence of blissful existence,

A handful of playfulness to celestially unfurl my ruthlessly mature and tyrannical senses; unbelievably bring out the princely child ardently clinging to each
element of my passionate countenance,

A handful of river for me to royally bathe off the remorseful disease from my lambasted skin; perennially reinvigorate the manipulatively besieged conglomerate
of my bones to coalesce with the rudiments of my sacred existence,

A handful of sensuousness to miraculously engulf each cranny of my vengeful brain; with an unsurpassable reservoir of enthrallingly euphoric and vivacious

A handful of breath to Omnipotently enshroud my forlornly extinguishing nostrils; invincibly bestow my lungs with the charismatically ecstatic chapters of undefeated life,

But unfathomable oceans of love to Omnipresently liberate my heart; perpetually bond its beats with the winds of procreation; togetherness; mankind; pricelessly immortalizing the meaning of my impoverished life.


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