Omnipotent Almighty

He didn’t need overwhelmingly lengthy articles written about him; to proclaim his glory sanctimoniously all around the globe,

He didn’t need an armory of praise from a spurious bunch of individuals; to escalate his persona to the pinnacle of supremacy,

He didn’t need television interviews to depict his supernatural powers; the miracles he could perform within lightening fractions of seconds,

He didn’t need a cavalcade of cars following him; ploughing their way unceremoniously through innocent pedestrians to declare his raw power,

He didn’t need an ocean of flowers everyday at his doorstep; to enlighten his spirits and drown him into a cocoon of enchantment,

He didn’t need a battalion of bodyguards guarding his visage; armed gunmen trying to sequester him from all the evil in this world,

He didn’t need an ambience of voluptuous clouds to relax in; mesmerizing fairies dancing around him and kissing his feet,

He didn’t need a flurry of photographers clicking him umpteenth times in a single minute; trying to salvage the best of his face in different shades of light,

He didn’t need jug fulls of water and mystical wine to be served every hour; the most sumptuous cuisine to be brought before him to eat sizzling fresh from the frying pan,

He didn’t need groups of mavericks inexorably shouting slogans to propagate him; defending religion at the cost of infinite lives,

He didn’t need a letter of introduction every time he tread on this earth; professionals in the media savvy world to announce every move he was about to make,

He didn’t need a new and embellished space craft every morning; to transport him to the most fascinating places in this Universe; have ravishing cocktails with
every Nation’s Prime Minister,

He didn’t need a Mountain replete with bombastic gold and silver; dungeons impregnated with fathomless bundles of currency showered upon him incessantly
as the clock ticked,

He didn’t need a wardrobe inundated with garish clothes; golden cufflinks and chains to adorn his body at the crack of every dawn,

He didn’t need a cruise ride of the Atlantic every night; with stars shimmering in the cosmos propelling him fantasize to the most unprecedented limits and dream,

He didn’t need traditionally attired attendants hovering indefatigably around his demeanor; fanning his face to ruthlessly massacre the last mosquito humming morbid tunes,

He didn’t need slippers lined with resplendent silver to walk in the Bedroom; a bed studded with fabulous diamonds to nestle and blissfully sleep,

He didn’t need a fleet of impeccable priests to engulf him and divulge to him his destiny to unveil; analyze his palms to intricately prognosticate the future life he
had to be lead,

And he didn’t need any glamour and glitteratti; any pomp or gaiety to appease; any spurious propaganda to uplift his soul;

For a single word of his was enough to destroy; and at the same time create this entire planet; a single step of his was enough to give shape to what he had created; a single breath of his was enough to give life to his unfathomable creation; he was the most invincible form of a human being; HE was infact none other THAN OMNIPOTENT ALMIGHTY.


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