Omnipotent Raindrop

It waded of even the most traumatically rapacious of
my tensions; with the astoundingly mellifluous cadence
in its glorious uninhibited cascade,

It majestically cleared the deleterious morass of
manipulation enshrouding my eyes; with its stupendously sparkling and uninhibitedly rhapsodic globules,

It victoriously beheaded all my bizarrely staggering
dereliction; with its perennially princely and
unrelenting shower of divine righteousness,

It profoundly enlightened every cranny of my drearily
lambasted veins; with its fabulously rhythmic and
unbelievably magnetic melody,

It perpetually replenished my lividly morose lips; with its unfathomable forest of timeless charisma; drenching each contour of my devastatingly limp persona; with cisterns of unconquerable ecstasy,

It marvellously embellished even the most
infinitesimal follicle of my despairingly beleaguered
eyelashes; with its torrentially ebullient and
enchanting downpour,

It triumphantly freed me of all my spuriously bellicose tawdriness; blissfully pacifying the innermost realms of my incarcerated soul; with its spell bindingly
united showering,

It regally silenced the very essence of dastardly fear
in my countenance; with its unflinching spirit of
unassailably euphoric adventure,

It impregnably taught me the morals of harmoniously
philanthropic existence; with its insatiably gregarious embracing of all tribes; benevolently and alike,

It wholesomely massacred even the most mercurial trace
of desperation in my blood; with its unsurpassable
festoon of everlastingly seductive scent,

It emolliently decorated even the most capricious step
that I transgressed; with its convivially vibrant
impressions of intoxicating life,

It forever ensured that I frolicked through meadows of
fantastically resplendent childhood; triggering in me
an implacable urge to sensuous discover the beauty of
this entire Universe; drowning myself in obeisant
admiration of its untainted belly,

It made me wholesomely oblivious to all gory death;
agony and satanically horrific pain; with its fountain
of unbelievably exotic iridescence,

It handsomely liberated me of my truculently barbarous
fanaticism; with its eternally indomitable rainbows of
truth and celestially burgeoning solidarity,

It gorgeously transpired the most poignantly intricate artist from within the deepest ingredients of my blood; engendering me to spawn a civilization of synergistically intriguing newness; with its droplets of bountifully exultating compassion,

It nursed me like what my sacrosanct mother used to
feed me when I was a newborn child; with its fabric of
ardently heavenly and unshakable togetherness,

It profusely inundated my life with nothing else but
love; love and rivulets of invincibly immortal love;
with its serendipitously gracious wave of priceless

And to imagine that it did all of the above without
even a minuscule pinch to my pocket; a fugitive
penalization to my advancing stride; O! Yes; such was
the Omnipotent magic of the tantalizingly beautiful
and aristocratically opalescent raindrop.


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