On Every Morsel Of Food

On every morsel of food scattered in distant territories of the earth,
there lies a name inscribed of; the person about to consume it.

On every bit of fertile clay projecting from hard land,
there lies a name embossed of; wild grass about to grow.

On every bit of bare bruise sprouting on the surface of skin,
there lies a name riveted of; the magical technology of healing.

On every bit of undulating water containing tones of salt,
there lies a name embedded of; the aquatic fish and spongy coral.

On every bit of flaming sun and celestial moon,
there lies a name embodied; of the supreme creator.

On every bit of perspiration dribbling down with tenacity,
there lies a name pressed of; the onerous amount of hard work.

On every bit of succulent looking barren tree branch,
there lies a name firmly stapled of; the fresh buds about to take birth.

On every bit of crystal water plummeting from crystalline tips of the mountain,
there lies a name dogmatically printed of; the living organism dying of thirst.

On every bit of charisma inhabiting oblivious regions of the globe,
there lies a name emphatically glued of; the human eye.

On every heart that throbs with a benevolent disposition,
there lies a name imprisoned of; the person it loves.
And on every bullet of lead that ricochets after striking the air,
there lies a name of the person living; about to die.


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