On My Day

I was confronted with cumbersome amounts of jigsaw puzzles,
which on my day would unleash themselves with nonchalant ease.

i felt inadvertently stabbed at umpteenth places of my persona,
infinite thorns punctured spongy sheath of my car tyre,
the same refrained to happen when on my day.

i fell from unprecedented heights of the tower,
escaped unhurt devoid of agonizing bruise on my day.

i felt exhausted, stripped of reserve quota’s of volatile energy,
was yet able to accomplish disdainful tasks on my day.

i felt impeccable pieces of memory deserting me when delivering my best,
the same got reinforced with sacrosanct knowledge when on my day.

i felt as if torn to bone by menacing white sharks in the sapphire ocean,
assassinated the same mammal with adroit strokes of blade when on my day.

i lost stringent consciousness after consuming intoxicating red wine,
danced like an untamed elephant, tearing my hair,
all solitary winter night when on my day.

i felt violent palpitations lambaste my heart while facing brunt of weekly test,
the same transited to impassionate waves of relaxed demeanor,
magical contours encompassing my face when on my day.

i devoured sour cream fermented with bacteria as the first meal of dawn,
received a silken cascade of rich pearly milk when on my day.

i kept searching for misplaced notes within an ambience of juxtaposed objects,
saw the same looming large in close proximity with eyeball when on my day.

she averted me with obnoxious fervour all throughout the course of unfolding years,
was perched blissfully abreast my heart when on my day.


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