On My Own Feet

Don’t place me in a morbid graveyard; dolorously inundated with perpetually lifeless souls,
Keep me instead in an island replete with boisterously bouncing children; effusively releasing themselves every instant into the full spirit of mesmerizing existence.

Don’t place me in a hideously diabolical dungeon; brimming perilously to the soil with treacherously lifeless cobwebs,
Keep me instead in a fathomless field blossoming with scented flower; profusely diffusing their heavenly odor to catapult me into a world of insurmountable fantasy.

Don’t place me in disdainfully monotonous chains of pragmatic life; with each unleashing second punctuating me like a thousand insidious needles all over my nimble body,
Keep me instead in a torrential cloudburst of exotic fantasy; voluptuously unfolding its boundless shades after the Sun had disappeared to give way to the
grandiloquently star studded night.

Don’t place me on the luminous dial of the incessantly ticking grandfather clock; reminding me every moment of the time left until my abdication of breath,
Keep me instead in the lap of my mother; which made me immortally feel that I was only an unscrupulous child ever since the time this earth was created.

Don’t place me in freezing caves harbored in the heart of the avalanche; metamorphosing passionately crimson blood in my veins; into stoically white ice,
Keep me instead for perennial decades in the arms of my beloved; triggering infernos of untamed desire in each strand of my skin; as the Sun blazed like a dynamite
in vivaciously blue sky.

Don’t place me in abhorrently obnoxious pages of medieval literature; crippling my wandering mind with a mind-boggling labyrinth of innumerable dates,
Keep me instead in fabulously seductive tunnels of poetry; propelling me to soar like a handsome eagle through mists of desire; even as I lay on the brink of absolute extinction.

Don’t place me in a well deluged with greazy oil; inevitably fomenting me to trip on every step I alighted,
Keep me instead on a euphorically rhapsodic carpet of enchanting grass; on which I rolled till times beyond creation; dreaming about all the mesmerizing beauty on
this planet.

Don’t place me behind the match box shaped table of mahogany; clerically signing a thousand letters every day; till the last day of my survival,
Keep me instead abreast the mystically swimming sharks; fighting fanatically for each of my breath; and yet at the same time profoundly savoring; the true essence of precious life.

And don’t place me like a parasite on the doorstep of my parents; right since the first cry of my birth tothe final draught of air I exhaled,
Keep me instead O! Almighty Lord on my own feet; immediately after I galloped past the threshold of immaculate childhood; illuminating the eyes of my kin with fireballs of pride; for the son they had so dearly harnessed with their very own blood.


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