On The Gallows Of

On the gallows of blisteringly everlasting patriotism; hung the unflinchingly venerated; martyr,

On the gallows of disastrously unforgiving hell; hung the mercilessly massacring and ruthlessly cold-blooded; tyrant,

On the gallows of brutally delirious insanity; hung the disdainfully dilapidated and reclusively shunting loner,

On the gallows of perpetually glistening truth; hung the blissfully iridescent and beautifully blessed; harbinger of humanity,

On the gallows of disheveled dastardliness; hung the viciously decrepit and salaciously invidious parasite,

On the gallows of eternally fructifying pricelessness; hung the shadows of celestially invincible and euphorically triumphant; simplicity,

On the gallows of ominously disappearing non-existence; hung the indiscriminately pulverizing and heartlessly victimizing; murderer,

On the gallows of flagrantly orphaned stink; hung the mortuaries of sadistically torturous and debasingly criminal; bigotry,

On the gallows of cadaverously sinister ignominy; hung the graveyards of perniciously bizarre and lividly maiming; retribution,

On the gallows of venomously besmirched treachery; hung the vapid coffins of hideously vituperative and fecklessly banal; laziness,

On the gallows of intransigently egregious abuse; hung the ghost of criminally derogatory and atrociously simpering; lies,

On the gallows of pathetically diminishing insult; hung the baselessly abysmal skull of the worthlessly deteriorating and horrifically manipulative; politician,

On the gallows of severely asphyxiating accident; hung the carcasses of ruggedly infidel and demonically callous; carelessness,

On the gallows of unstoppably victimizing boredom; hung the parsimoniously unsavory crevices of penalizingly truculent and indefatigably iconoclastic; poverty,

On the gallows of infinitesimally two-pence sordidness; hung the ant hole of maliciously adulterated and preposterously decadent; chicanery,

On the gallows of continuously stabbing misery; hung the dungeon of unsparingly molesting and heinously beheading; crime,

On the gallows of lethally sinful banishment; hung the thorn of obsoletely contumacious and pruriently disillusioning; racialism,

On the gallows of stonily wastrel death; hung the jinxed hood of jejunely jailing
and haplessly disorienting; atheism,

And on the gallows of gloriously fragrant immortality; hung the silhouette of Omnipresently endowing and divinely enamoring; love; love and only immortal love.


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