Once Again Back In The Creator’s Heaven

There were some who ardently waited for all majestic pearls on this fathomless Universe—to become every insouciant line on their destiny palms—and keep perennially shimmering happily everafter,

There were some who irrevocably waited for every leaf of artistic green to grow in their backyards—to timelessly enshroud even the most vapidly deteriorating of their senses with the magical touch of nature divine,

There were some who fervently waited for all the resplendently twinkling stars in sky to become the glint of their eyes—grant them that eternally enamoring spirit of mischief which forever made them the darling of all crowds,

There were some who tirelessly waited for every bit of beauty on this Universe to ebulliently assimilate into each shadow of their form—so that wherever they went every other form of life miserably dwindled before their invincible charm,

There were some who incorrigibly waited for each ounce of gold and silver on earth to inundate their empty plates-use them as their every conceivable meal with every arising spasm of hunger and thirst,

There were some who unendingly waited for the most bewitchingly enigmatic waterfalls to become the glory of their silhouette—thereby impregnate each dwindling bone of theirs with unbridled darts of passion galore,

There were some who intransigently waited for each wave of the inimitably roaring sea to play with their limp backs—quelling each dastardly apprehension of theirs with the untamed swirl of majestic tanginess,

There were some who endlessly waited for the bedazzling Sun to rise each day from the center of their brains-so that they unconquerably illuminated each path that they tread on with world-record breaking intelligence,

There were some who unsurpassably waited for infinite red roses to perpetually blossom on each step they tread-to feel like the most unparalleled king traversing through the lanes of ultimate utopia,

There were some who limitlessly waited for the boundless power of Everest to bless their arms-so that they pulverized even the mightiest of devils with utter disdain—and with a singleton swish of the thumb,

There were some who unimaginably waited for sheer ambrosia to gorgeously titillate their taste buds-attain the status of Omnipotent Godhead—existing as nconspicuous man on the trajectory of earth,

There were some who unstoppably waited for the most supernatural fabrics to cascade from fructifying sky-the simpleton clothes that eventually became their most impregnable armor to defend the worst of adversity in life,

There were some who unconditionally waited for the miraculous prowess of conquering the ultimate limits of the horizon-so that they forever shook hands with the Sun even after it’d bid adieu to the winds of the globe,

There were some who unrelentingly waited for each trace of melody on the planet to become the music of their ears-timelessly resonate to the beats of God’s naturally bounteous creation as it vivaciously unfurled,

There were some who unlimitedly waited for angels in the form of their own offspring- -the ‘avatars’ of the Lord born out of their own flesh and blood-so that witnessed an uncountable miracles in just their single lifetime,

There were some who inexhaustibly waited for every tangible and intangible honor on earth to be added beside their name-so that they received the most magnificently crisp salutes wherever they went,

There were some who uncontrollably waited for each ingredient of their blood to metamorphose into the winds of the most supremely ageless—so that no death ever dared touch them even at its veritably destined time,

There were some who intractably waited for a countless lovers to uninhibitedly smooch their truncated existence—attain the pleasure and sensuousness of an indefinable more lifetimes in this very happening life,

Whilst I waited and still more passionately waited than ever before for the last day of my life-because after that I knew I would meet all those whom I immortally loved; missed and inconsolably cried for in this life-once again back in the Creator’s Heaven


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