Once Again Tomorrow

Yesterday was just a thing of the horrendously treacherous past; fading and dissipating rapidly into thin wisps of obsolete oblivion,
Lets unite in strings of perpetual harmony and compassion today; to blossom into a vibrantly optimistic and spell binding tomorrow.

Yesterday was just a thing of the diabolically heinous past; pathetically blending with insipid bits of raw ash,
Lets unite in whirlpools of insurmountable solidarity today; unflinchingly facing even the most acridly mighty challenges; proudly sprouting into the blissful civilizations of tomorrow.

Yesterday was just a thing of the lecherously abhorrent past; stinking like a million rats; beneath the dungeons of manipulative malice,
Lets unite in irrefutable rings of truth today; massacring every iota of horrifically despairing lie and sadness; culminating into a wonderfully brilliant tomorrow.

Yesterday was just a thing of the remorsefully morbid past; rapidly deteriorating to coalesce with the murderous graves,
Lets unite in clouds of celestial peace today; indefatigably fantasizing above a land of enchanting paradise; to give birth to a divinely non-violent tomorrow.

Yesterday was just a thing of the devastatingly evil past; sinking into an sea of baseless nothingness to melange with the inconspicuously mundane sands,
Lets unite in winds of uninhibited sharing today; ubiquitously commiserating with shivering mankind around; to fulminate into a fountain of irrevocably bestowing tomorrow.

Yesterday was just a thing of the ominously ghastly past; stabbing like a trillion malevolent daggerheads; before it eventually blew with the infinitesimally
capricious dust,
Lets unite in tornado’s of untamed passion today; incinerating flames of overwhelming desire even in the most frozen of waters; to majestically bloom into a intrepidly flamboyant tomorrow.

Yesterday was just a thing of the savagely decaying past; perpetuating its deplorably surreptitious shadow into the fabric of the blissful society; before it finally withered into a corpse of absolute submission,
Lets unite in skies of philanthropic benevolence today; endeavoring our very best to alleviate debilitatingly deprived society; escalate exuberantly into an Omnipotently egalitarian tomorrow.

Yesterday was just a thing of the insidiously remote past; ludicrously baring its meaningless fangs before it wholesomely lost every iota of its voice,
Lets unite in the religion of humanity today; to unequivocally disseminate the immortal virtue of mankind; dazzle into a bountifully royal tomorrow.

And yesterday was just a thing of the tragically shattered past; profusely betraying light and hope; before it was ferociously punished to the island of satanic hell,
Lets unite in beats of immortal love today; embracing one and all irrespective of caste; creed and color; alike; to sway forever in the corridors of marvelous heaven; everytime the Creator wanted us to be born once again tomorrow.


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