One Heart

Bestow me with infinite hands to conquer; invincibly incarcerate every area on the trajectory of this earth in my vice like grip,

Bestow me with infinite eyes to sight; admire every single bit of enchanting charisma embodied in this colossal planet,

Bestow me with infinite legs to walk; reach even the most far off places in this world; explore and ebulliently wander to the most unprecedented limits of my minds content,

Bestow me with infinite fingers to write; so that I could emboss the most boundless scriptures that people couldn’t conceive; even in the most rampantly frenzied
of their nocturnal dreams,

Bestow me with infinite brains to fantasize; fomenting me to perceive what lay camouflaged within the exotic conglomerate of voluptuously silken clouds,

Bestow me with infinite tongues to talk; so that I could converse in an unsurpassable myriad of eclectic languages at once; with just a inconspicuously tiny stroke of my mouth,

Bestow me with stomach’s to eat; so that I could unrelentingly keep on devouring appetizing food; strewn in bountiful abundance and on every lane I tread,

Bestow me with infinite bones to fight; valiantly stand beneath the ferociously blazing Sun; annihilate treacherous evil all across the world into threadbare ash,

Bestow me with infinite lips to smile; congenially spread the message of philanthropic humanity; to far and distant across the mighty Universe,

Bestow me with infinite droplets of sweat to romance; so that I could bask in the untamed glory of ecstatically exuberant and handsomely escalating passion,

Bestow me with infinite eyelashes to flirt; engendering me to inevitably wink at the most beautiful damsels; gallivanting with gay abandon on varied parts of this earth,

Bestow me with infinite noses to smell; propelling me to submerge myself into incredulous exoticism; sniffing even the most diminutive of fragrance emanating in bliss from the beneath soil,

Bestow me with infinite ears to hear; deciphering the melody in countless voices at a time; with an abruptly nonchalant nod of my head,
Bestow me with infinite necks to dance; gyrate under milky rays of the moon; for centuries immemorial without the slightest of fatigue or exasperated respite,

Bestow me with infinite teeth to chew; masticate succulent berries laden on each area of the gigantic mountain with overwhelmingly astounding joy and blissful relish,

Bestow me with infinite shadows to mystique; drown myself into an unfathomable island of enigma and tantalizing mystery,

Bestow me with infinite nails to scratch; defend myself and my fellow beings against the most diabolical power that trespassed on the surface of this fathomless Universe,

Bestow me with infinite breaths to survive; exist beyond the most deplorable gloom that had precariously engulfed this colossal planet,

But make sure you bestow me with only One Heart to live O! Omnipotent Creator; and over and above all do make sure that you gave it only to the ultimate girl of my
dreams; the entity whom I would love forever and immortally know as my beautiful beloved.


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