One Instant

One instant we were scratching wildly; deeply embedding unruly nails in
our skins,
While the next moment we embraced each other tightly; placidly lying
down on the couch.

One instant we were pulling our hair; almost uprooting each strand
firmly adhered to its scalp,
While the next moment we fondled each others palms; intricately tracing
the lines that lay deeply embodied therein.

One instant we were pummeling ourselves in the stomach; hurling a
volley of abashing expletives at one another,
While the next moment we stared unrelentingly into each others eyes;
drowning ourselves wholesomely into an ocean of mesmerizing dreams.

One instant we were kicking frantically; tickling ourselves voraciously
in the ribs; and our hands coated with piquant chili powder,
While the next moment we whispered nimbly in each others ears; reciting
enchantingly true and passionate tales of fantasy.

One instant we were making obnoxious faces; scowling at one another
with our tongues audaciously peeking out,
While the next moment we assisted each other in the kitchen; to
harmoniously prepare appetizing delicacies; for nocturnal supper.

One instant we were screeching rampantly like savage tigers; inundating
our eardrums with thunderous sound,
While the next moment we went off to blissful sleep; safely and
securely in each others arms.

One instant we were rolling in a slush of squalid mud; splashing dirty
water fervently on our bare skins,
While the next moment we sang in unison with the nightingale; drifted
our minds towards sedative sounds; emanating from the dense undergrowths of
the jungle.

One instant we were brandishing swords on our bodies; clanging them
incoherently against each other,
While the next moment we sprinkled dying plants with water; sipping the
same gently from our hands.

One instant we were fighting like cats and dogs; banging the pillow at
one another; till the fluff whizzed out in a frenzy,
While the next moment we kissed each other on the forehead; applying
antiseptic creams on our bruises.

And one instant we looked at one another in sheer hatred; with rays of
contempt emitting belligerently from our eyes,
While the next moment we confessed that we were madly in love; prayed
to the Creator to keep us bonded in the strings of immortal romance.


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