Only You O! Beloved

For as far as my arms could stretch; extending to the most unprecedented of their capacity in free space,

For as far as my eyes could sight; opening wider than the blazing Sun,

For as far as my ears could hear; straining themselves agonizingly to decipher the most inconspicuous trace of sound; lingering for kilometers in vicinity,

For as far as my feet could run; conquering unfathomable miles of territory without buckling or flinching the slightest,

For as far as my mind could wander; perceiving even the most remotest and weirdest of things existing on this earth,

For as far as my voice could travel; expending my lungs to the most bizarre capacity,
For as far as my pen could write; inundating every barren bit of paper on this globe; with countless lines of literature,

For as far as my hands could caress; extending forward as straight as an arrow; and to fullest of their capacity,

For as far as my sweat could flow; after dribbling off painstakingly from my skin,

For as far as my neck could turn; dexterously twisting itself to sight objects
even behind the back,

For as far as my hair could rise; after being voraciously tickled by the mesmerizing wind,

For as far as my fantasy could continue; dreaming about delectable fairies dancing in wonderland,

For as far as my breath could reach; chiseling a tunnel replete with passionate moisture as it blew,

For as far as my stomach could inflate; as I tried to swell it after deliberately taking in volumes of free oxygen imprisoned in air,

For as far as my lips could open; after being viciously attacked by a thunderous yawn,

For as far as my fists could punch; paving their way unrelentingly to win virgin landscapes prevailing on this planet,
For as far as my memory could capture; recognizing even the most obsolete of grass sticks after a monstrous night’s sleep,

And as far as my heart could beat; incorporating all the emotions that lingered in the atmosphere; as well as those beyond the celestial heavens,

There was only one thing that I revered and loved; cared and cherished more than myself; and that was you O! beloved; Infact only you o! beloved.


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