To Write Varied Poetry

Could the ocean ever dream of relinquishing its majestic waves; flowing as placid as the solitary pond spawned by the monsoons?

Could the sky ever dream of existing without its conglomerate of puffy clouds; stare sheepishly towards the earth like a dead canvas painted with blue?

Could the mother ever dream of killing her child; slicing its robust meat to satisfy her gluttony?

Could the fish ever dream of living without water; slithering miserably on ground like the venomous snake?

Could the cow ever dream of eating thorns instead of leafy grass; lazing in desolate solitude without oozing even an iota of milk?

Could the elephant ever dream of running as fast as the spotted panther; climbing up the hazel tree trunk with the nimble ease of a bushy squirrel?

Could the desert ever dream of being enveloped with pools of crystal water; all its shimmering and fathomless sands drenched completely with spongy liquid?

Could the freezing ice-cream ever dream of charring an individual to raw soot; reducing his demeanor to inconspicuous particles of grey ash?

Could the obnoxious river of sweat ever dream of diffusing marvelous scent; spreading its fragrance far and wide to every corner of the vast globe?

Could the incongruous little street fly ever dream of sitting on the royal throne; barking orders to soldiers and countrymen instead of sitting on rotten fruit?

Could the intoxicating bottle of scarlet whisky ever dream of becoming a saint; instilling godly virtues in a person consuming it; instead of making him swoon on
the ground?

Could the stray rat ever dream of weaving immaculate fabric; eating on the table with scintillating forks and spoons; instead of poking its nose pertinently at the cheese kept in the refrigerator?

Could the wife who loved her husband over and above everything on this planet ever dream of murdering him; slashing his veins for perfectly no rhyme or reason?

Could the ghost imprisoned deep inside the dilapidated corpse ever dream of facing the entire army; defeating the valiant commanders; instead of inhabiting
haunted house?

Could the honey trickling delectably from the beehive ever dream of decimating a person; make him loose his last breath; instead of tickling him mischievously in
his stomach?

Could the ominous beaked vampire ever dream of instilling new life in people; benevolently helping humanity; instead of brutally sucking gallons of blood from the body of human?

Could the white skinned and satanic shark ever dream of giving children a flurry of amicable smiles; reciting to them stories of their motherland; instead of pulverizing them to mincemeat with its knife like jaws?

Could the Creator ever dream of destroying the entire Universe; erasing the globe from its very rudimentary roots; instead of imparting fresh life every unleashing instant?

Then how the hell could you ever dream that I went to office from the crack of every dawn; to the striking of every midnight; when infact my mind; body and sensitive soul; wanted to do nothing else but float in the aisles of surreal desire; bask in the glory of the beauty hovering around; profoundly admire and imbibe all the beauty existing in this world; when infact all myself created till date and still to evolve wanted to write varied poetry.


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