Open Mouthed Yawn

As it occurred there was a pungent moisture that besieged my eyes; engendering
them to open a bit wider than usual,

As it occurred there seemed to be a dreariness in my bones; an insatiable desire to close of the lights,

As it occurred my shoulders seemed to be stooping towards the earth; a wave of
indolence circumventing my persona,

As it occurred my palms seemed pale; developed a profound abhorrence to hoist
the pen and write,

As it occurred the gloss on my hair seemed to be pretty lackluster; with the
curly strands now settling into a shriveled heap,

As it occurred the blood circulating through the network of my veins seemed to
slacken its speed; abdicating the exhilaration it had possessed a few hours before,

As it occurred the soles of my feet automatically stretched; endeavoring to ease the tumultuous tension stabbing them,

As it occurred the atmosphere seemed to be enveloped by a pin drop stillness; with the sound of the nocturnal nightingale drifting clearly in my ears,

As it occurred the muscles of my cheek got exorbitantly flexed; exposing the complete armory of my crystalline teeth,

As it occurred the bulky portion of my skull suddenly felt ethereal; invisible
enigmas of my mind seemed to have instantly terminated,

As it occurred I perceived insurmountable tensions of the monotonous day evaporate into thin oblivion; felt a rejuvenated enthusiasm to lead life,

As it occurred I felt the beating of my heart get steadier; supreme mollification of the organs that surrounded it,

As it occurred I felt a sense of philanthropic forgiveness descend upon my demeanor; the virtue of embracing all in proximity,

As it occurred I got engulfed with loads of heavenly contentment; with ravenous desires for food gradually diminishing,

As it occurred voices hovering in the air seemed to be getting hazier by the zipping second; the crisp outlines of the blistering sun now appeared as an indistinct blur,

As it occurred I seemed to be turning dramatically nostalgic; reminiscing innocuous memories of my childhood,

As it occurred the restless tossing on the bed seemed to be progressively subsiding; the breath wafting from my nostrils felt a trifle heavier,

As it occurred I recited the last prayers before ending the day; looked with a wistful sigh towards starry sky,

As it occurred I shut my eyes with overwhelming intensity; transited into a deep slumber; brusquely bidding goodbye to my beloved,

You must be wondering that the thing so magnanimously portrayed must be nothing less than a palace of gold; well I think this time you’re in for a shock; for I am describing nothing else but our very own and perennially lazy; open mouthed yawn.


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