Secretly she admired my fluttering eyelashes; insatiably wanting to trap every element of her magnetic countenance; forever and wholesomely with mine,

Secretly she insatiably romanticized about my patriotic stride; relentlessly wanting me to trespass through her gateways of unparalleled romance,

Secretly she unrelentingly dreamt about intermingling her fingers with mine; compassionately incarcerating even the most infinitesimal ingredient of my
countenance; with her bountiful rhyme,

Secretly she timelessly perceived about philandering with me behind the gloriously sun soaked hills; mischievously nibbling the barren regions of my chest; as frosty winds of winter embraced us from all sides,

Secretly she intransigently fantasized about wandering with me through the aisles of boundless desire; basking in the untamed glory of my ardently blazing perspiration,

Secretly she limitlessly conceived herself to be perennially sandwiched within my frantically outstretched arms; replenishing even the most mercurial of her senses; with the scent of unprecedented brazenness that enshrouded my visage,

Secretly she insurmountably pictured herself in my lap on the absolute summit of the moonlit hills; profoundly relishing the ravishing beams of the moon; as my breath poignantly cascaded on her tantalizing skin,

Secretly she indefatigably visualized my rollickingly fluttering earlobes; fervently desiring to peck them with her sensuous teeth; all sweltering day and night,

Secretly she continuously envisaged the periphery of my charismatically rubicund lips; triumphantly wishing to enigmatically kiss me; till the very end of my time,

Secretly she fathomlessly wanted to encapsulate the irrefutably sparkling honesty of my soul; exotically blending with the fragrance that diffused from my masculine armpits,

Secretly she endlessly daydreamt about my swirling hair; irrevocably wanting to run her poignantly intricate fingers through my boundless garden of silken strands,

Secretly she ingratiatingly gallivanted with my ethereally sensuous shadow; eternally coalescing with my fantastically wandering impressions for decades immemorial,

Secretly she blissfully gyrated with my nimbly compassionate visage; pulsating with the persevering rhythm of my life; on even the most acrimoniously disastrous step that I tread,

Secretly she uxoriously lay at my rustically bohemian feet; drowning into a world of unfathomable enchantment; celestially enthralled as I innocuously snored,

Secretly she irrefutably philosophised even the most diminutive cadence that I uttered; unflinchingly believing in whatever I decided to undertake in the chapter of my vibrantly mesmerizing life,

Secretly she found me the ultimate prince of even the most evanescent of her dreams; divinely patronizing the essence of my ideals to even the most fathomless quarters of this colossal Universe,

Secretly she kept me forever in the innermost realms of her conscience and breath; sacredly cherished even the most inconspicuous iota of my aura in the very center
of her majestic chest,
Secretly she remained imprisoned in the whites of my eye for infinite more births of mine yet to unveil; immortally bonding every aspect of her existence forever with my every stride,

But OPENLY she loved me; transcending over all caste; creed; spurious religion and tribe on the trajectory of this fathomless Universe; and OPENLY she disclosed it to one and all on this earth and beyond; that I was hers and would always remain like that till the end of time.


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