Or Else Become

Either give all those impoverished; their relentless festoon of dreams; granting every blissful fantasy of theirs lingering in their hearts,
Or become a majestic pearl of imagination yourself; diffusing royally grandiloquent thoughts from your innermost soul.

Either give all those feebly dithering towards extinction; their lost quota of invincibly formidable strength,
Or become a perpetual mountain of power yourself; sequestering the disastrously infirm; from every uncouthly treacherous onslaught of manipulatively stinking mankind.

Either give all those shivering in gruesome blackness; their oligarchic tunnels
of brilliantly flamboyant light,
Or become a perennially everlasting inferno of flames yourself; compassionately healing inexplicably oozing wounds; with the Omnipotence in your senses.

Either give all those ruthlessly famished; their tantalizingly appetizing morsels of robust food,
Or else become a fountain of gloriously rubicund fruit yourself; appeasing inevitable pangs of life-threatening hunger; with the indispensable nutrients in your scarlet blood.

Either give all those pathetically sad; their share of unprecedentedly blossoming happiness,
Or else become a garland of wholehearted smiles yourself; incessantly metamorphosing diabolical gloom into rhapsodically exuberant joy.

Either give all those barbarically orphaned; their indispensable winds of unequivocal sharing and warmth,
Or else become a river of bountiful endowment yourself; uplifting the treacherously deprived till the time they reached the ultimate paradise; that they had always intrinsically desired.

Either give all those with maimed arms and feet; their insatiable exhilaration to gallop forward ebulliently in every aspect of enigmatic life,
Or else become a messiah of unfathomable peace and love yourself; enlightening all satanically devastated lives; with the ingratiatingly gorgeous aura of your countenance.

Either give all those mentally retarded; their naturally nascent ocean of incredulous creativity,
Or else become a cloud of fragrant intelligence yourself; ubiquitously disseminating the spirit of fabulous newness in every township besieged with lackadaisically dumb boredom.

And either give all those having lost romance; their unsurpassable sky of ecstatically ravishing happiness,
Or else become an immortally unceasing idol of sacrosanct love; showering the essence of philanthropic humanity; passionately bonding every tumultuously bereaved heart that you witnessed.


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