Our Divinely Honeymoon.

Never before did our lips kiss each other with such unconquerable intensity; unstoppably exploring each other’s profoundly exhilarating ravines of sweetness; as if there wasn’t going to be another instant to live,

Never before did our eyes stare at each other with such unparalleled fervor; celestially deciphering a countless inscrutable enigmas in the ocean of innocuously fluttering white and mesmerizing black,

Never before did our fingers intertwine in each other with such unbreakable tenacity; uniting for a boundless more lifetimes yet to unveil; just in those fugitive instants of time,

Never before did our cheeks abrade against each other with such unlimited yearning; turn a shade more crimson than the sensuously setting Sun; to yearn even more than infinity for each other,

Never before did our napes feel each other with such unfathomable ardor; gloriously plunging into the deepest gorges of untamed exhilaration; to evolve a whole new civilization of companionship,

Never before did our navels intermingle in each other with such unmatched yearning; brilliantly transcending over every other conceivable definition of pleasure and pain; on this eternally blessed earth,

Never before did our spines lean against each other with such insuperable magic; letting every damned inhibition liberate forever and ever and ever into fathomless bits of reinvigorating blue sky,

Never before did our bloodstreams crave for each other with such undefeated vigor; wanting to unite as a singleton signature of unabashed humanitarian compassion; for times beyond an infinite lifetimes,

Never before did our eyelashes long for each other with such unshakable temerity; perennially wanting to keep only each other’s reflection entrapped within the silken hair; so that even the most tantalizing of alien distraction crumbled to inane ash,

Never before did our chests caress each other with such triumphant fire; letting an ocean of overpoweringly undying ecstasy; blissfully mélange with every perceivable ingredient of existence,

Never before did our feet tickle each other with such infallible mischief; fomenting us to explode into uninterrupted skies of laughter; even in the most staring face of inexplicable misery and duress,

Never before did our elbows nudge each other with such wondrous enthrallment; adroitly executing every cognizable insinuation under the sky; to perpetually attract our spirits to become one,

Never before did our palms lock into each other with such unshakable camaraderie; allowing only the lines of our invincibly everlasting friendship; become the ultimate bifurcations of our destiny,

Never before did our tongues lap each other with such unending desire; savoring the inimitable melody of our distinct creations; to give fresh birth to even the most wildest dreams of our impoverished lives,

Never before did our Adams apple bump into each other with such insatiable madness; leading every moment of life as the very best of mates; standing unflinchingly and laughing against the most ferocious of holocausts,

Never before did our shoulders hug each other with such unbridled magnetism; assimilating every miraculously palpable warmth of destined life; in the invisible gap between our breathless bosoms,

Never before did our thighs crush each other with such untamed rampancy; exuding into an unsurpassable inferno of untapped virility; romancing till the last star twinkled in the wee hours of dawn,

Never before did our nostrils inhale each other with such victorious enthusiasm; wholesomely making the inherent scents of our personalities; the sole mantra and inspiration to fearlessly live and die,

Never before did our hearts palpitate for each other with such uncontrollable excitement; with each beat immortalizing the essence of our love towards the furthermost epitome of god’s paradise,

As they did and perennially continued to do; on our very first and
divinely honeymoon.


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