Our Greatest Richness

We don’t need no ostentatious parties; bombastic mugs of wine guzzling down our throats; as beats of the spuriously titillating disco discordantly inundated the heavenly stillness of the night,

We don’t need no superfluous palaces; fathomless rooms of pretentious aristocracy frigidly awaiting to envelop us insidiously in their empty swirl,

We don’t need no robotic aircrafts; unfathomably gigantic wings of steel to transport us at thunderously lightening speeds; to the destinations of our choice,

We don’t need no sleazily gaudy attires; opulent cisterns of voluptuous silk; artificially enshrouding our poignantly naked skins,

As our palms which had perpetually entwined with each other; unflinching confronting the most acerbic of impediments united together; bonding our destinies
forever with the religion of humanity; were irrefutably our greatest richness.


We don’t need no cheaply abominable slang; astounding replications of how the high society ate; spoke and slept,

We don’t need no Oriental music; brilliantly incredulous sound systems blaring
in pompously rhythmic cadence,

We don’t need no mountains of scintillating glass; the most exquisite fraternity of mirror to incessantly admire our nimble reflections,

We don’t need no sizzled steak; incongruously butchering the poor animal and then ironically placing it on plates of glittering gold,

As our souls which had perpetually coalesced with each other; imparting us the unassailable ardor to not only exist in this birth; but to philanthropically serve
the entire planet and gallop for an infinite more births yet to come; were
irrefutably our greatest richness.


We don’t need no aristocratic sheepskins; the most ravishingly embellished wool on the planet; to safeguard us against acrimonious cold,

We don’t need no flatulent airconditioners; to garishly placate our overwhelmingly sweltering senses,

We don’t need no scintillating cars; the ergonomically plush upholstery
pampering us worthlessly as the ultimate kings,

We don’t need no dungeons of unfathomably regale wealth; a torrential cascade of shimmering pearl and silver; not even letting us gasp the slightest,

As our breaths which had perpetually bonded with each other; were our sole elixir to magnificently surge ahead in vibrant life and achieve the pinnacle of astronomically humanitarian success; were irrefutably our greatest richness.


We don’t need no skeleton keys; ingeniously masterminded computers to cunningly manipulate the movements of the entire Universe,

We don’t need no Supreme chairs of pure velvet; ardently awaiting to crown us the unparalleled corporate tycoons of the distraught year,

We don’t need no fabulously designed sunglasses; cowardly camouflaging our radiant eyes even from the tiniest beam of optimistic light,

We don’t need no sardonically inflated cigar smoke; the meaningless clapping of people who vindictively plotted behind our backs,

As our hearts which had perpetually blended with each other; unconquerably beating as a single spirit and passionately alive; were irrefutably our greatest richness.


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