Our Invincible Creator-Sun God

blinding me to all hopelessness on this gigantic Universe; as I gaped indefatigably like a new born child; towards its infinite streams of unflinching golden and austere light,

blinding me to all depression on this boundless Universe; as I ebulliently galloped under its unrelentingly amber goodness; the invincible scepter of its profoundly royal light,

blinding me to all venomousness on this endless Universe; as I unabashedly let each of its unconquerably blazing rays; wondrously kiss and heal my inexplicably fluttering chest and soul,

blinding me to all manipulation on this untiring Universe; as I let its miraculously healing rays; blissfully perpetuate into even the most obfuscated ingredient of my blood,

blinding me to all ugliness on this fathomless Universe; as all I witnessed was exotic life burgeoning to its royal fullest; through its undyingly mellifluous beams of freshness; and until the last point till where its rays stretched,

blinding me to all parasites on this dimensionless Universe; as I inherently relished to honestly perspire and break into a billion droplets of perspiration for my bread; under its fierily untamed and crimson light,

blinding me to all inequality on this inscrutable Universe; as I profusely admired the unison of its countless rays into a united mass of compassionate togetherness; before eventually falling
and illuminating the trajectory of earth divine,

blinding me to all greed on this limitless Universe; as I earnestly worshipped its unimaginably altruistic goodness; ubiquitously disseminated in the form of victorious light; to even the remotest cranny of morbidly slithering soil,

blinding me to all destiny and tawdry magic on this
bewitching Universe; as I learnt to irrefutably sculpt my very own path and life of truth; under the Omnipresent fullness of its philanthropic light,

blinding me to all negativity on this undaunted Universe; as I emerged victorious and as the most royal emperor; following the innermost tunes of my heart; under its rays of Omniscient positivity,

blinding me to all fear on this unfettered Universe; as each of its divinely undefeated rays; lit lanterns of priceless hope in the wretched blacks of my cowardly eyes; in every direction that I turned under the sky,

blinding me to all infidelity on this enamoring Universe; as I wholesomely imbibed that true power was in melodious togetherness; with fingers forever interlocked in the spirit of camaraderie; under its tirelessly roaring inferno of passionate light,

blinding me to all hysteria on this unhindered Universe; as each frazzled nerve of my brain celestially savored its euphorically infallible blaze; to forever rise as a civilization of symbiotic newness,

blinding me to all balderdash on this ecstatic Universe; as I articulately interweaved every conceivable ingredient of my existence to the hilt of satisfaction; under its eternally subliming shades of dawn,

blinding me to all terrorism on this inexhaustible Universe; as all I could sight were the innumerable flames of uninhibited love; under its swelteringly princely rays which coalesced the entire planet into one; irrespective of the baseless boundaries of caste; creed; color or tribe,

blinding me to all despairing blackness on this redolent Universe; as I could sight nothing else but unassailably blistering daylight; till even beyond the horizons; under its divinely unbreakable spell,

blinding me to all stagnation on this emollient Universe; as till wherever my vision stretched; all I witnessed was freshness proliferating at the speed of light; under its ardently unbridled cosmos of creativity,

blinding me to all death on this unshakable Universe; as all that reached my nostrils was the spirit of undyingly blessed and humanitarian existence; under its vivaciously humming rays of eternal freedom,

Was not just singularly mine; not just singularly yours; but unitedly ours and only ours; very very special and majestically invincible Creator; in the form of the brilliant ‘Sun God’.


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