Paint My Heart

Paint the fathomless kaleidoscope of barren sky; with resplendently ingratiating and vivid clouds,

Paint boundless kilometers of devastated land; with effulgent roses and bountifully blossoming seeds,

Paint countless expanses of lackadaisically dying deserts; with majestic oceans of gigantic cactus and insatiably passionate streams of golden water,

Paint pathetically withering and staggeringly leafless trees; with an unfathomable forest of sparkling fruit and melodiously exuberant cheer,

Paint uncouthly wastrel and brutally kicked stones; with enamoring charisma; and voluptuously tingling exoticism,

Paint acrimoniously ghastly and bloodsucking battlefields; with the miraculously philanthropic ointment of benign humanity,

Paint devastatingly orphaned and penuriously stumbling lives; with perennially unsurpassable blankets of compassionate love,

Paint ungainly devilish and insanely cold blooded parasites; with an eternally everlasting fragrance of benevolent mankind,

Paint the insidiously maverick and doggedly diabolical rocks; with ecstatically tangy spray of the ravishing sea’s,

Paint the squeamishly distorted and deplorably cowardish traitors; with brazenly intrepid winds of patriotically scintillating bravery,

Paint the obsoletely dilapidated and turgidly monotonous walls; with vivacious streaks of fabulous color and overwhelmingly sporting frolic,

Paint the rambunctiously unruly well of stinking frogs; with the curtainspread of blissfully tranquil peace and harmonious synergy,

Paint the souls of all those tyrannically commercial; with symbiotic fountains of uninhibitedly gratifying relationships,

Paint pugnacious arrows of satanically evil; with irrefutably priceless elements of honesty andastoundingly opulent humanity,

Paint the morbidly sullen and remorsefully obnoxious cradle of atmosphere; with an unimaginably Herculeanvalley of tantalizing sounds,

Paint truculently dictatorial and stringently treacherous brains; with passionately romantic flames of graciously seductive fantasy,

Paint the inevitably guilty and ghastily lying walls of the conscience; with the perpetually blistering fabric of sagaciously glittering truth,

Paint insurmountably vast graveyards of sordidly dead; with poignantly iridescent waterfalls of vibrantlytingling life,

And paint my fanatically wandering and relentlessly restless heart O! Almighty Lord; with the divinely immortal and the most celestial religion existing in this world; called UNASSAILABLE LOVE.


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