Paradise was in your eyes; if they unsurpassably harbored the feeling of philanthropic benevolence for all mankind,

Paradise was in your lips; if they gave a smile to your impoverished comrades in inexplicable pain; flooding their tottering lives with unprecedented happiness,

Paradise was in your voice; if it disseminated the essence of immortal peace; pacified the tyrannized agony of the innocent deprived; with the benign melody in your sound,

Paradise was in your shoulders; if they hoisted all those orphaned shivering disastrously on barren streets; towards the ultimate summit of bountiful prosperity,

Paradise was in your palms; if they blessed all those destitutes obnoxiously battered in life; molding their vibrant destinies; with the insurmountable tenacity of your fingers,

Paradise was in your ears; if they profoundly heard the disastrously augmenting wails of the impeccable in distress; gushing like an untamed whirlwind; to be their messiah in their hour of tumultuous discomfort,

Paradise was in your emotions; if they were fulminated turbulently for withering mankind; profusely commiserating with both ecstasy as well as pain,

Paradise was in your fantasy; if it incessantly revolved round making this planet a better place to exist; culminated into a fountain of astronomical sacrifice and goodwill,

Paradise was in your lids; if they enlightened the lives of the deplorably frustrated; winking and thereby triggering insatiable cloudbursts of desire,

Paradise was in your shadow; if it overwhelmingly calmed down irascible discrimination; sequestered dying man in its compassionate swirl,

Paradise was in your flesh; if it ignited fireballs of intransigent passion; in the lives of those frigidly hovering like ghastly ghosts; without their soul mates,

Paradise was in your bones; if they magnanimously bore the load of tangible organisms in pain and traumatic torture; carrying them indefatigably; till the time
they acquired the fortitude to construct their own abode in life,

Paradise was in your wealth; if it was unequivocally used to alleviate dwindling humanity; scrap the essence of malnourishment and stinking poverty; from
the trajectory of this fathomless Universe,

Paradise was in your blood; if it flowed uninhibitedlyfor your countrymen in horrendous despair; becoming the unfathomable resilience of their bodies; to fight
against evil infiltrating their serene kind,

Paradise was in your soul; if it existed for centuries immemorial; combating the devil with its irrefutable spirit of truth; every time that it dared to vindictively arise,

Paradise was in your conscience; if it fought for unconquerable righteousness all night and day; towering above the clouds like an embellished prince; after affording the same to all its fellow beings; incarcerated in webs of malice,

Paradise was in your breath; if it ardently instilled life in the immaculately lifeless; reinvigorate devastatingly shattered lives with the scent of exuberant newness,

And paradise was in your heart; if it took an infinite more births for the person it loved; ensuring that the waves of immortal love; formed invincible bonds; uniting the rich and poor alike; from even the most remotest corners of this boundless planet.


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